A thousand years

17 year old Celeste, was never aloud to go to school because her dad was too cautious of her safety, but this year he finally let her go to school for her last year. She meets a seriously hot boy, Niall… maybe school wasn't as bad as she imagined it to be. (;


3. Lost

After going in circles around my school 3 times like a lost dog, I decided going to the office to ask for some help wouldn't kill.

The office was easy to find because it was marked briefly in bold black lights. I was about to open the door when I felt someone stare at me. I turned around and came face-to-face with a really cute guy with a blond quiff and sparking blue eyes, he grinned. "Do you need any help?" Oh my god. He had the cutest Irish accent! I just looked down and blushed, "Um, yeah." I looked up for a second then looked back down and played with my feet, "I'm kinda lost, this is my first day at school."

SORRY IT'S SHORT GUYS, I have been sick lately, I will post more though soon(:
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