Locked In

This is a darker parody of the well known fairy story of 'Rapunzel.'

At age fifteen, Rapunzel has never set foot outside. Her Mother has warned her of the dangers of the outside world, yet she cannot fathom why she would not be allowed outside.

Suddenly, the dashing Hans-who is incidentally a Prince-stumbles upon her solitary tower, with promises of mystery and Rapunzel cannot help but follow...

This is not your average love story. It's dark, destructive and bloody.


10. First of Many


Chapter Eight

“Rapunzel?” The sound is so close to me. I turn over in my sleep, not wanting to open my eyes, regardless of the fact that in the morning no one should be in my tower. The voice is sweet and has a soft lull to it.

“Rapunzel?” The voice is more insistent now. I slowly open my eyes, feeling a bit more worried. The cold bites at me as my eyes try to focus on the scene. Hans stands above me, his face the picture of worry.

“Argh!” I scream, scrambling to the corner of my bed. I pull the covers around me hastily and peer at Hans above them. He stands casually in my bedroom, managing to avoid my hair that lies around the room, regarding me carefully.

“Get out!” I shout, horrified. How did he get in?

Hans holds out his hand, and I notice how scruffy he looks. His hair stands in tufts and his shirt has one rip in it. His hand is grimy and scratched.

“Did you climb up? Without any help?” My voice is full of disbelief. I cannot believe he would go to so much just to talk to me. I am fully awake now, and I know Hans will not hurt me. This would be too much effort, it so. However, it’s fairly worrying. But I’ve wanted so badly to talk to Hans, and I feel myself slowly giving in. If Mother came in now, I would dread to think of the consequences.

Hans nods carefully, taking his hand back. He moves slowly, as if trying not to startle me.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” Hans says softly, awkwardly running a hand through his hair.”I-I just wanted to know if you were fine. I worried so much. Who is that woman who visits you?” Hans said the words as if he already knew who Mother was.

“Mother,” I say tentatively.

Hans’s eyes widen with shock. I raise an eyebrow in query, and Hans masks his shock carefully.

“Well…in that case, I have something to show you,” Hans proposes. I weigh the decisions, and decide to agree. It will make him leave quicker.

“Fine. What is it?”

Hans blushes a bit, and stammers “Well…I mean, erm…you should get dressed first…should you not?” I forgot completely I was in my nightclothes.

“Why? Am I embarrassing you?” I tease Hans, making him blush a deeper red.

“No…of course not-“ Hans hastens to correct, but I get off the bed and push him out the room. What does he have to show me in my tower? Something inside me sighs at my stupidity, wanting me to rightfully make Hans leave. But another wants to forget what Mother told me, and the fact that Hans awoke me after climbing my tower uninvited and get to know him. He won’t hurt me.

“I will get changed.”


“Wait downstairs.” I order, and push the door behind Hans. I wait until I hear the sounds of him descending the stairs, and quickly pull open my wardrobe door. I’ve never tried to impress someone before, let alone a boy. Something inside me flutters whenever I’m with Hans, and I so desperately want to impress him. I select my light green dress and quickly pull it on, and I try to quickly brush the parts of my hair I can reach. I open the door, and my hair follows me down making soft noises against the floor.

“Ready?” Hans asks.

“Of course.” I say curiously. What does he have to show me outside my own tower?

I stop on the fourth step from the bottom, and lean over the rail to regard Hans. He stands awkwardly in the middle of the tower, blinking in the ray of sunlight. He gestures to the window, which I see has been flung open.

“Come on then-let’s go.”

“Outside?” I ask, knowing I already know the answer.


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