My Messed Up Cinderella Story

Hey, my name is Cindy. Cindy Oak, and I'll tell you this awesome, twisted, and messed up Cinderella story. I know that you know magic isn't real, but I'll show you how wrong you are. Listen to my story and you'll be blown away!


22. Work

On my way to that mans company, on my way I saw Kyle. He was sitting on a bench looking very sneaky like. He bent down and picked up a cat, I stared at him in amazement; he put the cat on his lap and fed it some cat food. He smiled, it was similar to that one time we met at the club; it was cute almost. I shook my head and continued towards the company.

I arrived at the company, and to my surprise, it was huge! I walked in and asked to see Francois Du Bois, but the lady at the front desk gave me an irritated look. She sighs but then jumps and shrieks.

"No no! We do not glare at our next model!" The short man comes out from behind the desk and takes my hand. "Come mon chéri, we shall talk about your future!" He leads me to his office at the very top of the tall building. "Now, you may sigh at all the blank spaces," he squeals, "I knew you would come! No woman or man could resist this offer!" He shoves a pen into my hand and stares at me with anticipating eyes. I sigh and put the pen down, slowly.

"Mr. Du Bois, I am sorry I lied to you earlier, I am a girl. I also have to refuse this offer, I don't like drawing attention to myself." I get up and bow, to show respect, and walk toward the door.

"Please!" He holds onto my legs, "Do not go! Your beauty is so... Wahhhh~ you have to! I need you! I will double, triple even! I shall triple the pay I was going to give you! $10,000 a day! Yes? $10,000??" He looked at me with pleading eyes. I pat his headend pried him off my legs.

"Ill work for you but you just have to give me everything I need and want. Don't worry okay? I won't ask for much, just the basic things." I went over to the table and signed the contract and left his office. I turned around to say good bye but he was too happy in his little world.

I began to walk home and on my way I saw Kyle again. He was playing with a bunch of kids and buying ice cream, I walked over to him and took the Popsicle he was holding.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him as I unwrapped the dessert and took a bite out of it. "Aren't you supposed to be beating the life out of someone right now?" He bent down and took a bite out of the Popsicle I was holding.

"You have a bad boy complex," he licked his lips and grinned, "Its hot when a bad boy plays with kids isn't it?" I blush and shove the Popsicle in his mouth. I backed away slowly, I forgot how he used to bully me, but the tone of his voice brought the pain back.

"I'll never like you two brothers, remember that." I turned around and ran away. I peeked over my shoulder and saw him rubbing his head as kids swarmed around him pulling on his pants, begging to play.
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