My Messed Up Cinderella Story

Hey, my name is Cindy. Cindy Oak, and I'll tell you this awesome, twisted, and messed up Cinderella story. I know that you know magic isn't real, but I'll show you how wrong you are. Listen to my story and you'll be blown away!


19. Truth

"Cinderella? Was that her name?" Ricky asked Kyle, he looked at the crowd in confusion but the whole crowd screamed in excitement.

"What's her name man!? She's a catch!"
"Congrats! Your new girlfriend is pretty!"
"KISS! KISS!" Everybody was yelling at us; whistling, woo-ing, clapping, they all did that not to mention scream how beautiful I was. I looked at Kyle who was still trying to piece together the situation.

"Not today! Not yet, maybe later?" Ricky tells the crowd; boos and awwws roar from the crowd. "I just wanted to show off my girl, please enjoy yourselves for the rest of tonight! LET'S GO DJ!" The music cranks up and everybody returns to their business. I quickly tried to run away but my low heels were replaced with stilettos, as tall as I already am, adding a couple more inches to my height really made me unbalanced. I tore off the shoes and got up to my feet, but I was greeted by Kyle; u took a hold of my hand and led me to a room, followed by Ricky.

"So your name's Cinderella too? You must have been real close to the other one..." Ricky closed the door while I got pushed down on a couch by Kyle.

"What do you mean other one? This girl! I been looking for her for forever!" He unhooked my necklace and placed it on his wrist next to the bracelet. "You knew I was looking for this necklace, hell I was looking for you! Why didn't you tell me?! I searched the city like an idiot looking for you and to think you were always right in front of me during lunch!" He looked down at me, his eyes pierced holes into me.

"Well, you know Emma? Emma Oak? Well she had a sister Ella Oak, but everyone called her Cinderella, so I did too. Ella was really fat and ugly, the ugliest girl I've seen!" He looked at me, "No offense, I'm just saying the truth. Anyways, Ella died apparently from obesity, not much of a surprise, and this beauty comes and takes all her things. Ella made a will and gave all her things to her, I think Ella went to your school, cuz she wears the same uniform as..." He looks at me with a quizzical expression. Right, I didn't tell him my name yet.

"My name is Cindy Crawford and 'Ella' isn't Cindy's name. Her name is Cindy, Cindy Oak," I looked over at Kyle, "I also didn't tell you that you had my bracelet because I HATE YOU." Those words echoed in the small room and time was still, but I didn't care I looked over at Ricky and said the exact same thing. "You guys are the worst! You," I pointed to Kyle. "you bullied her! You hurt her and made her school life miserable. You," I pointed to Ricky. "She thought you were different but you're just as bad as your asshole brother! I swear, it must run in your blood, you dicks!" I poured out all the things I though about them and it felt good. Like a weight was lifted from me. I went over to Kyle and yanked the bracelet and necklace away from him, I saw blood spill out but he didn't flinch. My bracelet cut him, but I could care less; I stormed over to the door and was about to go out but I was pulled back by Kyle.

"Don't leave yet..." Kyle had the same face as last time, he was lost and confused.

"Get off of me!" I smacked his hand away and hurt was added to his face. "I hate you all! So leave me alone!" I tried to open the door again but it was blocked by Kyle, he grabbed me and shoved me into the couch again. "Hello? Anybody in that empty head of yours? I. Don't. Want. To. Be. Involved. With. YOU."

"You don't want to be involved? You're already so involved with us, if you were to run away now, we'll find you anywhere; until the ends of the universe. You can't get away," Kyle pins me down and stares deeply into my eyes, saying those words that cut like knives. "it seems like we've fallen for you, won't you take responsibility?" Ricky and Kyle said in unison, which made this situation scarier than it needs to be.
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