My Messed Up Cinderella Story

Hey, my name is Cindy. Cindy Oak, and I'll tell you this awesome, twisted, and messed up Cinderella story. I know that you know magic isn't real, but I'll show you how wrong you are. Listen to my story and you'll be blown away!


15. The Unexpected

After a month at school, no one really cared who Prince Charming was anymore. They all figured that when I get a boyfriend he would automatically be Prince Charming. LaLa started skipping more and more, but she secretly kept a close eye on me; she had officially graduated high school and could already go to college according to the principal. Instead, she took the situation as a break from... everything and decided to attend high school even if she didn't attend to the classes. Like she just went to school just to slack off and take a nap in some corner and every oce in while come to class when she was bored.

I also made a bunch of new friends but LaLa was my only true friend but I could only hang out with her during break, surprisingly Gabby took a big liking to the new me. She pulled me away to do little things with her whenever she could. There was a day when she dragged me to her table at lunch and forced me to eat with her, she kept saying 'royalties should sit together' and all that stuff ever since I became 'Cinderella'. I didn't mind sitting with her, I had forgiven her for all the harassment I received because I'm a nice girl but what really bothered me was Kyle. I thought they had broken up but they still ate lunch together and did couple like things.

I hadn't though of a plan B yet and Kyle still didn't know that the bracelet he had was mine but he continued searching. He wore the girlie bracelet on his wrist everyday and refused to let anyone touch it. He also seemed a lot more tired, I heard that every night he went to Them Lemonz to search for me; I hadn't gone back since that one night.

Anyways Ricky's party was coming up and I remembered that the Cindy he invited was dead so I had to find out a way for him to invite me again. Them I remembered that I had some things in my old room in THAT house, and so I wrote a 'will' that said I had given my things to 'Cindy Crawford'. I had decided to name myself after the model since I could be one, now that I was this pretty. I got LaLa to control a lawyer to get my papers legalized and everything and I went to THAT house.

I knocked on the door and Emma appeared behind me along with Ricky. See, I knew that he would be here, I mean he always was, but he was always with my sister.

"Can I help you?" She looked up at me, I was a head taller than her and almost as tall as Ricky but he was still a couple inches taller.

"Yea, I'm here to pick up Cindy's things," I gave here the will, "she said I could have them if she ever died, I'm just so surprised that she actually did. I mean we were just joking but-" Emma stopped me and pointed at the will.

"What is this? What do you mean she's dead?" I stared blankly at her, she didn't know I had been dead for at least a month, and I guess Ricky didn't either. "Is this why she hasn't come over lately?" She looked up at Ricky who only stared at me.

"I thought you knew, I'm sorry. She died from..." I didn't remembered what LaLa said I died from, it was a small matter that I didn't care for. "Obesity..." I said slowly but she gave me this suspicious look. "We were good friends at school and decided it would be fun to write a will promising to give each other all our stuff. I though she was joking but I went along with it you know? Then, yesterday her lawyer came and gave me this, she actually made a real will. So I came to get her stuff..." Emma gave me a very uncomfortable stare, I looked up at Ricky who was still staring at me.

"Let's talk inside," she led me in and I sat on the couch, Ricky was still staring at me and sat across from me. "One second, I'll get something to drink," I was surprised, Emma never did anything for others. "Rupert, get something to drink!" She yells, it echoes throughout the house. I should have known she would call on the butler. Moments later Rupert came with 3 cups of tea and a tray of finger sandwiches. Fancy!

"So how do you know Cinderella? I mean you so..." He motions his hands to me, "and she's so YUGLY! I mean, she's the fattest girl I've seen, any girl who can't take care of her image can't be friends with a beauty like you!" I felt my heart break, no, I heard it break. "Not only that, she's easy to push around, I bet you became her friend to take her things right? Did you kill her?" I couldn't believe him, the whole time he was like this. I foolishly went and fell in love with him.

"Shut up Ricky, talking about her like that to me is fine, but Cindy's still my sister. Even if I hate her, I would hate the person who hurts her more," she glares at me. "Is what you saying true? I won't just hand over her things just because of a piece of paper." I almost cried, even though she hated me and bullied me, she was still protective. Isn't that sweet? I cleared my throat and took out a necklace, the one the went with the bracelet. "You sister gave this to me, this is proof that we are good friends, she said you would understand."

I hope she would because the time that I finished the set Emma wanted them, but I refused to give them to her. She told our parent and the scolded me and punished me for not sharing with her, but I never gave one to her; they put me in my room and said 'you can't come out until you learn to share with your sister, ungrateful child!' Sure it hurt my feeling, but I stayed in my room for days with out anything, I almost died from lack of nutrients and water. Finally they told Emma to forget about my set and got her a David Yurman FULL set, with a tiara , earring and everything. She knew I would hold on to my set for life.

"Okay, I believe you, her things are upstairs, at the end of the right hall. Her stuff is still clean cuz the maids clean the dust off weekly. You can get it yourself right?" I nod and put the necklace back in bag and went up the stairs and slowly towards my old room.
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