My Messed Up Cinderella Story

Hey, my name is Cindy. Cindy Oak, and I'll tell you this awesome, twisted, and messed up Cinderella story. I know that you know magic isn't real, but I'll show you how wrong you are. Listen to my story and you'll be blown away!


11. Stalker

"LaLa! He has my bracelet! It's the first thing I made! It's really special!" I tried to go back to Kyle but LaLa was much stronger than she looks.

"Hun, we'll get it back later, right now we need ta get out of here otherwise we'll die before we can even say 'DAMN'. Hurry!" I didn't understand what she was talking about at first but then I saw a couple of bouncers following us, she probably got into some trouble and got kicked out. I caught up to her and we ran out of the club gasping for air. At least we weren't man handled by those big guys.

I looked at my wrist, it had a red line and a couple light bruises. Then I imagined Kyle's face again, I had never seen him looks so sad, but I thought 'it must have been the alcohol'. Even though the night was 'still young' I still had fun in the club...somewhat. We continued going to other clubs and went home in the morning around noon... I don't think that makes sense but do you get the point?

I remembered we were on spring break, so the rest of that week LaLa and I goofed off. She helped me with my new image and we played games like who could get the most boys to hit on us. I have to say though, it was pretty weird acting all... You know, like THAT. There was even this one time where LaLa had to transform into a little kid to get guys to stop bothering us. On the last day of break, I happened to see Kyle roaming the streets going to people and then walking away, he came closer and closer to me and then stopped me and asked, "Have you seen a girl with a necklace that looks like this?"

I was mind blown, he was holding my bracelet and impatiently waiting for an answer, I shook my head and he left without saying another word. My gaze followed after him, he kicked everything in his way as he marched down the sidewalk with his back slouched. He was technically tearing up the city looking for me, I didn't even know that he noticed my necklace and bracelet were the same.

I didn't want to make a fuss with my new life so I followed him home, actually it was more like stalking, he didn't go home right away though, he went to lots of different places and met up with different people. I have to admit, for a mean guy like him, having this much friends was practically impossible but he did it, it's a mystery to me but he did it. I was also really glad that he was walking around like I was otherwise I would have never been able to follow him.

"Babe, what chu doin?" I jumped and looked up, it was only LaLa. I pulled her down and explained what happened so far, but she laughs at me. "If you wanted to follow him you should have told me!

"Listen guys, someone has been following me all day," I jumped, did he know? I took a peek at him. "They're right behind that ledge." He pointed directly at me, he knew! I sat down and took deep breaths, then I peeked over the bush and saw one of his friends walking toward me, I looked at LaLa who was nowhere in sight. The boy came closer until he looked right at me.

"There's no one here! You must have been hallucinating, dude." The boy laughs, I was dumb founded, he looked directly at me, yet he says he doesn't see anybody, was he protecting me? I sighed, and felt my heart, it was beating so fast I almost died.

"Be quiet! I can make you invisible, but that's only for seeing, he can still hear you," LaLa says, I looked around and she's still nowhere to be seen. "Babe, I'm right I front of you," I felt a hand on on my head. "We can follow him this way without looking like creeps, so be quiet," I nodded but I don't think she saw me. We followed Kyle everywhere for at least 2 hours and finally he said his good byes and walked towards a parking lot. He went over to a motorcycle, got on it and left.

"What do we do? How will we follow him now!" I whispered loudly, I paced back and forth and looked at LaLa.

"Calm ya tits, I was beginnin to get tired of following 'im, so I but a tick on 'im," my eyes widen. "not those kind, it's a magic tick, so I know where he's goin with this." She took out her cell phone and pointed to a red dot. "This my dear, is Kyle, and to catch up... We fly!" She hugs me and starts to jump. I began floating, I quickly grabbed on to LaLa as we went up, she smiles he led me to where Kyle is. We flew until we arrived at W.A.C Hotel, and landed on the roof of the tall building.

"According to my tick, it says he's going to the pent house. Obvioulsly. Let's see if I can get this right." She snaps her fingers and the roofs fades, but it was still there, "I did a similar spell on the roof, so we can hear and see 'im. He can't see us but he can hear , so be quiet, shush! The elevator dinged!" I looked over at the elevator.

"Hello brother," Ricky greeted Kyle, why was he there?
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