My Messed Up Cinderella Story

Hey, my name is Cindy. Cindy Oak, and I'll tell you this awesome, twisted, and messed up Cinderella story. I know that you know magic isn't real, but I'll show you how wrong you are. Listen to my story and you'll be blown away!


16. Plans

I opened the door and was greeted by a breeze of fresh air. Everything was the same, I had expected that my parent throw out my stuff but it was still here. I sat on the bed and fell down, it was soft and smelled really nice.

"Wow, you seem like this is your room," I looked over at the door and Ricky was standing there smirking. "I'm surprised that Cinderella's room is like this, I actually though she lived in the attic." He snickers, that's nice... He comes over and sits on the bed, "listen, I'm having a party soon, I'm sure Cinderella told you, you were the friend she wanted to invite right? Anyways, I planned to make her serve food but, since she's dead, do you want to come anyways?" His voice was smooth, I had no idea he was such a playboy. "Not as a waitress of course! I want you to come as my girl." Gag, I almost threw up; I never believed I was ever going to want to throw up when I see Ricky, it seemed like he always made my day brighter. "You know I wanted Emma to be my date at first, but I'm glad I didn't ask her. You're much nicer than she is; she's all bitchy and you're like a... Princess. What's your name?"

"If you help me carry these things to my house, I'll tell you, for both questions." He smiles, usually I would have felt queasy, but it didn't affect me anymore. LaLa was right, Kyle is better compared to Ricky.

I put all my stuff in the house when I remembered, my parents paid for this house, and since I was "dead" now, what would they do. I was busy thinking when all of a sudden Ricky moved towards me? He pushed me against the wall and trapped me.

"What. are you going?! Get off!" I tried pushing him off but he was stronger than he looked, he forcefully kissed me and held me close. He was warm and the kiss was sweet; he bit my lip that sent a shock through my body and slipped his tongue in my mouth. Before I knew it, I returned the kiss, all the feelings that had left me for an hour or something came rushing back and I felt weak. We somehow made it over to the couch and the kiss deepened. The blood rushed to my head and he started undressing me, I tried to break away again, but his grip was still firm. Somehow when he broke away himself to get some breath I was naked completely revealed to him. I quickly pushed him off.

"How can you do this? We only met like a few hours ago and you want to go to second base?!" He sat down and shrugged.

"We're going out anyways right? Does it matter?" I pulled him up and pushed him out of my house.

"Of course it matters you insensitive dick! I can't believe I fell for you, don't come near me again!" I slammed the door and took a shower, I never felt so disappointed in myself before.

It was a few weeks before Ricky's party and everyone at MY school was talking about it. It was going to be like the party of the year and everybody wanted to go. Not only that Gabby was invited, Kyle was also invited but Ricky has a brother complex so of course he would be.

"Cinderella, do you want to go to Ricky's party with me?" Gabby asked me at lunch, I shook my head. "Come on! Kyle won't go, and going alone means your a loner!"

"Why don't you go Kyle? I mean, he's your brother right, and Gabby wants to go, and she's you girlfriend. There's no reason you shouldn't go." I looked at his wrist, he was still wearing my bracelet.

"Yea, 'cept one problem, I dun wanna." He stood up and threw his food away. Then left the two of us.

"Please come! It's the party of the year! Not going means you're a nobody and going alone means your a loner! Please!" I refused to go after what Ricky did to me, but Gabby was pitiful, and I ended up agreeing. "Let me come over to you house so we can get ready together! I would invite you to my house but I have many brothers and if they saw you, they would flirt so much with you we won't be ready on time. You house okay?" I nodded, and she left.

"You goin to that crazy guy's party? After he practically harassed ya? You got some nerves," I turned around and saw LaLa, I hadn't seen her for a while. I hugged her,

"Where were you?" I excitedly asked her.

"Them fairy popo found me! I had ta go take mah test again, look it! Imma real fairy now~!" She pulled out a wand that was customized to LaLa's taste. "When ya go to that party, y'all look amazing!" I laughed and walked back to class with her, I told her about what happened when she was gone, but she already knew everything because while she was taking her test she was also looking over me, like a true 'fairy god mother'.
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