My Messed Up Cinderella Story

Hey, my name is Cindy. Cindy Oak, and I'll tell you this awesome, twisted, and messed up Cinderella story. I know that you know magic isn't real, but I'll show you how wrong you are. Listen to my story and you'll be blown away!


14. New School

"What is wrong with you! If you had just pulled me up, I would have had my bracelet and I wouldn't have had to go through that mess! What, did you go an get popcorn instead of HELPING ME?!" I was panting, my shoulders heaved up and down. It was almost like I was going to pass out but I stood my ground. LaLa slurped on her soda again and looked at me with wide eyes.

"Baby girl, things happen for a reason, I can't change fate. Only you can, ya change yer own fate, I'm a magical bein so anything human related... that is not mah problem, unless I'm assigned to it. It was fate that you go hide underneath the bed and fate that you loose your bracelet. Fate is the first decision ya think of and when ya change yer mind about it, ya changed fate. Comprande? A'ight, lets go home so ya can think of a plan B, we also have school tomorrow so move ya booty! C'mon, chop, chop!" LaLa nudged my butt and led me over to the ledge of the roof and we flew back home.

In the morning I woke up, I didn't get much sleep but it was enough. All night I though of how I can take my bracelet back, it was important because its the first accessory that looks good on me. I cherish those little things and I won't rest until I get it back. I got dressed in my uniform, of course it was too big; LaLa did her thing and it fit me. I looked in the mirror it was so strange seeing my curves and my slender figure. I was light and the uniform fit perfectly on me, there was no muffin top or love handles... They were all gone and smoothed out. LaLa dragged me to school, she changed my schedule and erased some memories and in the end it was basically like I was living as "Cinderella" again except for the fact that I wasn't harassed anymore.

I came into the class and sat at my usual seat, obviously because its empty, I introduced myself and we went on with the lesson. During class I got notes asking 'what's you phone number?' Or 'if you need anything, just ask me : random name.' At the end of class I got my stuff together and left the class first, and out of nowhere they jumped up and walked me down the hall, fighting over the space next to me.

"Wow! You so pretty Cindy! I wish my body were like your's!" Girls poured tons of complements on me and boys gave me all their attention. "We should call you Cinderella or something!" I froze, was I about to relive my old life again? Did they say those nice things so I would fall into their trap, so I could be used or bullied again? Then I walked slower, my legs felt like they were going to collapse.

"W-why would you call me something like that?" I asked nervously, I picked at my uniform and tried to smile to cover up my uneasiness.

"Cuz you name is Cindy and you look as beautiful as a princess! We might as well call you Cinderella after that one princess!" Everybody murmured and agreed that it was a good idea.

"Wasn't there some fat girl named Cinderella? Wouldn't that be kind of embarrassing to Cindy? I mean she's gorgeous!" Everybody began to argue over what to call me, "That girl that just died, wasn't her name Ella or something? She was really rich right? Then we called her Cinderella cuz she was doing everybody's work for them, and stuff?" There were 'ohs!' And 'I remember now!' I looked around nervously, I was sure they were cruel enough to make me do the same.

"Isn't a nick name supposed to be short for a long name? Not the other way around?" I asked quietly, my hands shook so fast I couldn't even tell they were shaking.

"I know! It's not a nick name, it's a title!" Everybody agreed, "but titling you after a dead fat girl would be... Dishonoring or something. Wait a minute! Then wouldn't Gabby be like the queen and Kyle is the king? Then that means... We need a Prince Charming for our Cinderella!" There was laughter hat echoed down the filled hallway. How is that even possible? "Wouldn't that mean Gabby's the evil stepmother? That must mean there is a beauty, prettier than Cindy and Gabby in our school who is the real queen!" More laughter, I walked to my next class but they all seem to be going the same direction I was. "We'll talk about this later!" The crowd dispersed and I ran into my next class.

When I sat down, the whole school 'vibrated', everyone had gotten a text message except for me. I pretend to look at my phone anyways to not feel left out, loner right? When I looked back up everyone was staring at me, almost like that time I was getting bullied; then my phone rang for real this time. LaLa sent me a message, (she would have shown me, but she 'graduated' from this subject and refused to take an extra class, so this is her free time) it was a picture of me and blank picture with a heart around the pictures. Underneath it said 'FIND PRINCE CHARMING FOR CINDERELLA!' Then in smaller print 'Winner will receive: Boys- a kiss from our Cinderella, Girls- a night out with the king, Kyle Ballew!' I looked up, I never agreed to this! There were already a ton on notes on my desk asking me for my number or my type of guy. There was even a box of chocolates, I mean who keeps a box of chocolate with them at school? I took them anyways and plopped them in my mouth, I eat when I get really stressed...
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