My Messed Up Cinderella Story

Hey, my name is Cindy. Cindy Oak, and I'll tell you this awesome, twisted, and messed up Cinderella story. I know that you know magic isn't real, but I'll show you how wrong you are. Listen to my story and you'll be blown away!


5. LaLa

She helped me up, she's surprisingly strong to have been able to pull my weight up with just 1 hand. Then she turned around and looked at the other students.

"Who the FUCK just did that? Come on up here, I DARE you to trip me too!" She was walking when I saw her fall, someone actually tripped her. She was quick though, she managed to catch herself and was standing once again looking down at the school's queen. Gabby Moreano was the daughter of the man who owned the school, literally making her the 'queen'.

She was really pretty, not that I'm complementing her or anything, I'm just describing her to you. She had a figure similar to LaLa, the only difference was that her butt was smaller, but white girls don't need a big butt. Anyways, Gabby was sneering at LaLa.

"Hah, I thought you would've fallen just like that fat girl. Seems like your more agile... Tell me girl, who are you?" She sat on a bench looking very royal like... I mean royalties don't sit on benches but she made that bench look like a throne.

"Bitch, you da one who trip my girl, Cindy over there?" She motioned to me. "Listen, I dunno who the hell you are, but chu best back off or imma. Pop. Yer. Fake. Boobs." LaLa extended her manicured finger and poked Gabby's boobs, they jiggled. I don't know why guys like fat on girl's chest when they look the same everywhere else. It's just a mystery to me. Gabby swatted LaLa's hand.

"Look, for someone who looked like the hood just threw up on her, I can say you look 'hot'. People would put you in the same category as me, but I use proper grammar, and I sit with my legs crossed to make sure I don't get unwanted surprises." I was shocked, it wasn't surprising that Gabby told LaLa she was a ghetto whore, but the fact that she acknowledged that the two of them could be in the same worlds. That was surprising, Gabby always acted superior but to let LaLa into that superior world, there might as well be flying pigs.

"Cindy girl, come hold my hoops fo me, someone ought to smack that bitch into place," she tossed her earrings at me and tied her hair up and smacked Gabby right across her face, leaving a bright red mark and a wide eyed Gabby. When Gabby tried to smack her back, LaLa caught her hand and pushed her down. "You wanna go? I'll go, I'll bury you in the ground bitch." The fight went on for a while until 4 boys managed to tear LaLa off of Gabby, who didn't even look like Gabby anymore. LaLa had hit her so much her face was covered in blood and bruises.

"Bitch! I'll remember this! I'll make you miserable! DADDY! DADDY!" I had never seen Gabby so messed up before I almost end laughed. She even cursed, that ment she was boiling with anger! I forgot about my fall because all I could think about was how nice it was to be friends with LaLa.

"C'mon babe, laugh away your pain~ I didn't do all that to her face for free, I expect laughter, up front! Another freebie, I'll save you for the time being until you prince comes, so look high and low lil girl!" She cheers. I laugh out loud, LaLa is special.
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