My Messed Up Cinderella Story

Hey, my name is Cindy. Cindy Oak, and I'll tell you this awesome, twisted, and messed up Cinderella story. I know that you know magic isn't real, but I'll show you how wrong you are. Listen to my story and you'll be blown away!


9. I Died and Went Clubbing

On Friday that week, LaLa came home and told me that she told the school I was dead. Apparently I had a very high fever, and since I was living alone, I was not taken to the hospital in time and died from hyperthermia.

"Now you can be Cindy... Boondocks! Them other kids won't notice since they didn't even notice you were gone the whole week. Besides they always called you some name besides Cindy so now people will call you by you true name!" I told her that being dead wont solve anything, I still had my parents... I mean they would care right? I said my new name in my head and realized Boondocks was an African American surname. "Shit, chu remember when they still on air? That was mah favorite show! Anyways I like Bookdocks, that's what mah fake last name is. Chu don't wanna be sisters?" I shook my head, being related to LaLa in anyway could get me sucked into ghetto problems a white girl like me could never handle. "Fine, you think on yer surname, but since yer feeling betta... How bout we go clubin!" She spun around and a sexy dress clothed her body.

"You mean Crystine?" I got up to look for a dress and realized all of my clothes were WAY too big for me now.

"Hell no, I don't mean fucking Crystine, we are going to a REAL club. That club is for wussies, now you and me? Do you think we look like hella wusses? Hell no! We look drop dead gorgeous, so we are going to Them Lemonz, the hottest club, 21+, and we are... 21+" she took out a pair of ID cards that had the wrong information on them. That's right, me, the goody two shoes, sneaking into a club WITH fake IDs! "Mmm baby girl, you need a new wardrobe." She covered my closet and clothes in magic dust and it transformed into a walk in closet with all the hottest clothes from pencil dresses to skinny jeans to everything a model would wear, and then we left. "LET'S GO HAVE SOME FUN!" LaLa yells as she drags me into her new car.

We arrived at Them Lemonz and were instantly inside the loud building within seconds. We didn't even have to show the people our IDs, they just pulled us in. Like they WANTED us to be in there. The dress I was wearing was very revealing and it made me very uncomfortable. It was a black strapless pencil dress that barely covered my butt with silver sparkles near my chest are and to match, silver heels and silver necklace and bracelet I made when I was bored. I was a good jeweler and it looked cute on me for once. I was glad I had not thrown it away, but I'm guessing you wondering where I put all my money and junk. Can you guess? That's right, in my bra, heck I could fit a bunch of coals in that crack and take out a diamond later when I take off my clothes.

I looked over at LaLa who was wearing a dress similar to mine, but it was hot pink to match her hair and the bottom was covered in diamond looking rhinestones. She was flirting with an older man before coming over to me to drag me out to the dance floor. Everybody was rubbing up against me, men and women, and it made me feel like my dress was going to ride up. The other gross thing was that their SWEAT was rubbing all over me and I just felt downright disgusted. I mean who likes that? Do you? It's just like their invading your personal space, but anyways, I just avoided it because I didn't want to spoil LaLa's fun.

After dancing for so long, I got separated from LaLa and decided to take a break. I wandered around to find a seat but with no luck, everybody was passed out on the table and even the FLOOR. While I was wandering I found the stair case to go upstairs, and to my luck an empty seat, I sat down next to a guy who looked like he was about to pass out. His head fell onto my shoulders and when I tried to push him off I realized that it was Kyle. What was he doing here?!
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