My Messed Up Cinderella Story

Hey, my name is Cindy. Cindy Oak, and I'll tell you this awesome, twisted, and messed up Cinderella story. I know that you know magic isn't real, but I'll show you how wrong you are. Listen to my story and you'll be blown away!


17. Get Ready

On the night of Ricky's party Gabby came over and we went shopping together. I asked LaLa if she wanted to come but she told me Gabby reeked of fake and vomit and that she could be found on the corner of bitch and hoe. I understood Gabby was mean to me and like to bully but she was lonely and only did those things to get others attention. We went and shopped for dresses and all that stuff but I didn't have that much fun, I don't get how some girls can try on lots of clothes and goof around in the dressing room all day; it's super tiring taking off clothes and then putting it on.

I chose a red dress that looked like a rose on the bottom, I don't know how to explain it but it was fitting and it looked cute. I chose one for LaLa too, but I figured she would use her new magic to make one... She probably was not going to come with us either. Gabby chose a a very low dress, like it was short in the front but then got longer in the back; and the from showed her chest and tummy but they covered her boobs. In my opinion it looked hideous, so think of a dress Kimmi Spears would wear, her style is probably as bad as her grand mother's, Britney Spears. Or Miley Cyrus's niece, she just as bad too.

We went home and got dressed, I went into my bathroom and got LaLa to work her magic and she made me gorgeous! I stayed in there for 30 minutes talking to LaLa quietly, so it would look like I did my makeup in there. When I came out Gabby had my necklace around her neck, she was eyeing it.

"What are you doing!" I ran up to her and quickly took off the necklace, I put it back safely in a box. "Please, you can borrow anything else, just not this... I don't want it to get dirty." She glared at me and gave me a bitter look.

"Chill out! It's not like I'll 'dirty' it or anything. Anyways that necklace seems familiar, like I've seen it somewhere... What brand is it?" I remembered that Kyle had shown her the matching bracelet, she was going to kill me. I was just glad I was an amateur when I made them, because the bracelet and the necklace only had similarities and if you didn't look closely you would have never know they were a matching set. Kyle probably knew they were the same because he was sleeping on my lap before, I think he saw when he was trying to look at my face or something.

"I got it a long time ago, but it's super important because my mom gave it to me when she died." I lied, I only wish my mom would buy me a necklace, just for me; she'd probably say 'your neck is too fat for a necklace' or something.

"Aww honey, I'm sorry... You should wear it to the party! I bet your mom would like that, you know, it's really pretty." She took the necklace out of the box, "Turn around! I'll put it on for you!" I took it back, and put it in the box again.

"No! I can't, it'll get dirty!" I lied again, what if Kyle was there? He would know I was themystery girl.

"Come on! You mom gave it to you to wear, not to hide it in some dinky box!" She tapped the box, "If you're not going to wear this, I might as well take it. Things like this," she took out the necklace, "even though it looks cheap, it has lots of feelings. It deserves to be shown off, not stuck in this." She pointed to the box, then put the necklace up to her neck. "I can say though, it looks nice on me, just like on you." She looks I the mirror then glances at me. "Doesn't it?" I grabbed the necklace from her hands. Kyle said he wasn't going to come, that ment I could wer the necklace... I told myself over and over, he wasn't coming so I was safe. I put on the necklace and looked in the mirror, I looked pretty.
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