My Messed Up Cinderella Story

Hey, my name is Cindy. Cindy Oak, and I'll tell you this awesome, twisted, and messed up Cinderella story. I know that you know magic isn't real, but I'll show you how wrong you are. Listen to my story and you'll be blown away!


13. Eavesdropping

"Babe, you in here?" The door creaked open followed by light foot steps.

"Shit! What are you doing here! I didn't say you could come over!" Kyle yelled. It sounded like he was surprised because I also heard a thud which was probably him backing up against a wall or something. I raised the bed curtains a little to see their feet, it looked like they were dancing but I could hear Kyle struggling to get out of Gabby's way. I had hidden under the large bed the was high enough to lay on my side, but it was crowded with a bunch of things. WEIRD things, things you wouldn't want to know; the bed started shaking and I could hear Gabby giggling.

"Don't you want me? Why do u keep refusing me! I'm you girlfriend, I want to be held!" I heard a frustrated groan and a sigh, the bed was still and a suffocating silence filled the room. "I want you so bad! I'm changing myself as much as I can! Do you know how embarrassing it is to go out and buy this?!" She smacked the bed, and started hitting Kyle with a pillow or something.

"I don't love you that much to actually fuck you, I don't fuck girls I don't love. You, and all the others I dated, they were to pass the time. I don't want to get some girl pregnant and be held against it, cuz I'm not as stupid as you think I am." There was a loud smack and sniffling, "Don't be like that, I told you when you asked me out remember? 'I'll say yes, but I won't return your love, are you willing to take that chance and change me?' Do you remember what you said?" There was more sniffling.

"I said 'challenge accepted' right?" Her voice was breaking, I had never heard Gabby so messed up emotionally before, she always had her noise sticking up and had a heart of stone. Other than the time LaLa messed her up... Physically, I didn't ever think I would be able to hear her be so worthless. "Hey, can you tell me? Who you love?" Her voice grew quiet.

"If I told you, you'd laugh at me. I told you before, I'm smarter than you think, and I'm smart enough to know you'll make me look like a fool!" He chuckles.

"Well is she pretty? Smart? Tall? Skinny? Nice? Can't you at least explain to me why you like her better?" She starts to whine, and I could hear her get agitated. Kyle sighs and inhales.

"Listen carefully and remember what you ask because the answer is: average, average, yes, no, yes. She's special." There was a silence and a faint whispering.

"You like an average looking fat girl?! You like so,done like that over me?!" Gabby starts laughing hysterically. "I get it, you joking! You must be! Either that or you have strange preferences! Who is this bitch? Where does she live?" There was a thud as if someone had hit the wall. "How can you like someone like that? OVER THIS!" There were hitting sounds again, but they sounded harder.

"Chill out! I liked her, I didn't care what she looked like, but she SAVED me! She saved me from a thing called loneliness, but it doesn't matter anymore, she's gone. Gone forever, and the whole time I treated her so coldly, I never even got to apologize and tell her how I feel. I don't even know why I bullied her so much, it felt like I was still in elementary school picking on the girl I like to get her attention." His voice was cracking to, his cool facade was melting and I was here the whole time. "You don't have the right to criticize my choses, yours is just as bad!" I looked from under the bed, Kyle was pacing in front of the bed, "Another thing, she's not desperate for dicks. She's not a whore like you, she doesn't go out and buy skimpy clothes skinny girls do to show off her body, she's modest."

"That's enough!" Gabby yells, I could hear her sobbing, "You're a bastard, how can you play with girls feelings like that? If that girl you like is such an angel, she'll be too good for you even if she's ugly!" She jumps off the bed, "You won't find a girl who will love you as much as me, just move on and be with me. Then everything will be back to normal! Right? You should just give you feelings to me, and I'll keep them safe." I was starting to get scared, Gabby was breaking. She must have really loved Kyle.

"Forget it, I found someone else who I know is the one, she's a much better person than you and I just met her a few days ago. I didn't even talk to her for 30 minutes yet and I know she's better than you. Hell I don't even know her name or what her face looks like, but I fell for her, HARD. You can't make me feel this way about you, so just leave." Kyle sits down on the bed with his back turned to her.

"How are you going to find this girl? You don't know her name or her face, you might as well give up. You were probably dreaming or something. You're delusional, you can't even tell that the girl whose for you is right here, in front of your face!" Gabby stomps her feet on the ground like a kid having a temper tantrum.

"You wrong, before she left I held on to her, but she slipped through, I managed to get her bracelet, I can't tell what brand it is to she must have been poor or something but she had a matching necklace. I also told my gang to find out what brand the bracelet is and inspect the club I met her at. I will tear up this city, just to find her-" he paused, and got up. He ran over to the nightstand he put my bracelet on, "It's gone! The bracelet!" I smiled he won't find it again, but I was wrong, it was caught in the bed skirt when I had crawled under. Not only that it was showing more on his side than under the bed! All I could do was hope he didn't notice and crawl over to it quietly then take it back quickly. "Did you take it" Kyle was panicking.

"Does it look like I have a place to put it? I didn't see anything on your night stand when I came in! Don't accuse me for petty things, that bracelet was probably bought at the dollar store or something," I inched closer and reached my hand out I touched it and when I slowly pulled it in, it was yanked out of my hand.

"I found it, it had fallen or something," a sigh of releief left Kyle, I almost hit myself. I was so close and just had to take it away! "Anyways, as long as I have this, I'll find her. Now can you please get dressed and leave my house? You've caused enough trouble for me and wasted... An hour of my life. Bye." I saw Kyle push Gabby outside his room and into the living room, still holding my bracelet, I crawled out and left using the balcony doors. I closed it gently before pulling myself up on the roof where I saw LaLa sitting nonchalantly with a bowl of popcorn and soda.

"Sup?" She slurped up some soda, "Some show that was, huh?" I almost jumped at her, I wanted to kill her for putting me through that mess.

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