Ok so this is the 1st book to a trilogy I decided to start
Audrey has had her fair share of broken promises and heartbreak, so to deal with it all, she stopped trusting people and letting them in, she stopped believing in love. But when she finally graduates highschool and moves to London like she has planned the past four miserable years, she meets 5 certain boys that change her life. She never throught she would steal the heart of one of these boys. But will she push him away.. will he give up on his long awaited princess??


6. Phone please

Audrey's pov: I walked down the street sipping my hot coffe, still calming down from what had just happend. Who do they think they are, just cause they are famous they can suddenly do whatever they want. Still..Niall was kinda cute..NO! stop! Don't even think about it Audrey. I mentally slapped myself for even suggesting it. It would only end like it always does. I reached for my pocket to find it empty. Where was my phone? I know I had...wait...that little asswhipe!! I turned on my heels and jogged back to the bakery where I found the boys sitting at a table. "Hey! Blondie, mind giving me back my phone?" I said reaching out my hand. Niall smiled up at me "Took you longer then I thought to realize it was gone." "Ya, well I did so please." I said raching further and loosing my footing. I tumbled foward onto Niall's lap. "Looks like she into the irish ones." Harry laughed. I shot up from Niall's lap trying to hide my blushing. "Just give me my phone." Niall handed it to me. "Hope we see you around." Louis said with a genuine smile. I smiled back then turned to leave. "I'll txt you later babe!" Harry yelled. I turned my head to see Niall glaring at him. "Ohh jooy." I yelled, exaggerating the sarcasm.  I walked home, wondering if I'd actually get a txt..when my phone buzzed.

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