Ok so this is the 1st book to a trilogy I decided to start
Audrey has had her fair share of broken promises and heartbreak, so to deal with it all, she stopped trusting people and letting them in, she stopped believing in love. But when she finally graduates highschool and moves to London like she has planned the past four miserable years, she meets 5 certain boys that change her life. She never throught she would steal the heart of one of these boys. But will she push him away.. will he give up on his long awaited princess??


3. Hot coffe and fancy words

I walked into the Bakery and smiled at the sweet smell of..well bakery goods. I walked to the counter and ordered my regular vanilla coffe and banana nut bread. As i waited for my order I noticed and group of boys watching and pointing to me. I scooted a bit closer and put in my headphones, pretending to be listening to music. "Hey, the girl over there, she is really fit." The curley haired one said.

 "Ya, bet you can't get her to go out with you." The dark haired one with brown eyes said. Sure as hell he can't! I thought to myself.

 "Psh I bet you I can get her in bed by tonight." Curly snickered

  "Fine then..go!" Brown eyes patted him on the back

 "Guuyss, don't" The blonde haired one with amazing blue eyes said. Curly ignored him and walked over to me. Was he serious? I felt a tap on my shoulder, "Excuse me miss, but I saw you standing here and could help but notice how beautiful you are." Curly said with a grin. I glared up at him, but then decided to have a little fun. " Oh really, so you wanna go back to your place?" I asked placing a hand on his chest. He looked at me suprised, "really?!"

 I  took the hot cup he was holding in his hand and dumped it on him. "No you horny jackass! Sorry about your bet but you can go fuck yourself!" I yelled. I grabbed my order and walked over to the rest of the shocked group of guys, "you guys should get a life!" I said and walked out. Only to be pulled back.



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