Ok so this is the 1st book to a trilogy I decided to start
Audrey has had her fair share of broken promises and heartbreak, so to deal with it all, she stopped trusting people and letting them in, she stopped believing in love. But when she finally graduates highschool and moves to London like she has planned the past four miserable years, she meets 5 certain boys that change her life. She never throught she would steal the heart of one of these boys. But will she push him away.. will he give up on his long awaited princess??


1. forgetting the alarm

"RING! RING!" The alarm clock rang out interrupting the my calm sleep. I groaned and pressed the button on the alarm. It was saturday, must have forgotten to turn off my alarm. I slapped my forhead and got out of the warm comfort of my bed. I went to the fridge and found nothing, I made a mental note to stop by the market for food later. Looks like I was going to the bakery down the street for breakfast. I went to the bathroom, only to come face to face with a bead head monster in the mirror. I went through the normal morning routine, washing face, brushing teeth and hair, applying some mascara and thin line of eye liner to make my green eyes pop. I decided to throw on a pair of black leggings with black uggs that had white fur going down the side, I went with my white "I Love NY" sweater and left my straight dirty blonde hair down with a white nitted beaning to keep my ears warm. I looked in the mirror and decided it was good enough. I grabbed my cellphone, keys, and wallet and headed out the door.

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