Ok so this is the 1st book to a trilogy I decided to start
Audrey has had her fair share of broken promises and heartbreak, so to deal with it all, she stopped trusting people and letting them in, she stopped believing in love. But when she finally graduates highschool and moves to London like she has planned the past four miserable years, she meets 5 certain boys that change her life. She never throught she would steal the heart of one of these boys. But will she push him away.. will he give up on his long awaited princess??


5. Apolpgy

Nialls pov: I watched as the girl stormed out, all the other boys were still focused on Harry, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of the door. She didn't deserve that, she was gorgeous, and really knew how to show someone up. I ran after her and caught by the arm. She turned around suprised but she glared when she realized it was me. "No! Im not getting in bed with you either for some bet Jerk." She said

 "No, I just wanted to apologize, you didn't deserve that. Harry is a nice guy, he just has his moments." She rolled her emerald green eyes, which actually was a huge turn on.

 "Whatever I don't want an apology ok..it's nothing new, just some more idiot guys." That's when it hit me.

 "You don't know who we are do you?"

 "Ofcourse I do! One direction..is that supposed to change anything?" She said shooting me a glare. I lost my train of thought and just stared.

 "Ya...well I'm going to go.. it was a "pleasure" meeting you."

  "Wait!" I said, stepping in front of her. "Um..I didn't get your name, we haven't actually met, unless I know your name."

  "Audrey." She said and walked away, not knowing I had grabbed her phone from her pocket when I stepped in front of her.

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