Ok so this is the 1st book to a trilogy I decided to start
Audrey has had her fair share of broken promises and heartbreak, so to deal with it all, she stopped trusting people and letting them in, she stopped believing in love. But when she finally graduates highschool and moves to London like she has planned the past four miserable years, she meets 5 certain boys that change her life. She never throught she would steal the heart of one of these boys. But will she push him away.. will he give up on his long awaited princess??


2. A/N

:) Heeeyyyy sooo sorry if this chapter was boring, I just don't want her to all of a sudden meet them and be best friends..thats boring and obvious. The next chapter will be better, the boys will be in it, but it is not what you expect:) Thanks soooo much for reading, if you have any ideas you can comment them..I'm all ears:) Luvvvvv yaaa all! XOXO-SAMMIE

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