My poems

These are the poems that I have created. :)


1. Love Poem

My lover,                                                                                                                                                             

               I love you with all my heart                                                                                                

              I beg you to never leave me.

             You complete my heart and life

            Without you I would be nothing but dust

            I have loved you since the first day we met

            I have loved you since the first day we made eye contact

            I knew we were ment to be, cause I felt chemistry between us everytime we looked at each other

            I love you even more cause before we were together I knew you were different

            And all I want to tell you is: I LOVE YOU!!

           And I always will

           No one will ever come in the way of me loving you

          No one will come between us

          Your arms are my castle that I walk through

          Your heart is my sky

          You are my prince

          I'm your princess


          I LOVE YOU!!! 


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