Uh breakable.

Kiersten was a normal teenage girl who loved One Direction... But little did she know that she would practically fall into the arms of a special boy. Harry styles.. But when there relationship gets serious will they be able to keep their relationship together?


1. Harry's POVERTY

I was finally driving home to England for the first time for six months. I was tired. Worn out. Also especially happy that I wasn't close to paparazzi. Oh I forgot a big one. I was going to be away from Niall's farts. Finally some peace and quiet in my little England town. I pulled my car over to the side to where Starbucks was because I can never go home with out some good Starbucks tea. Just to make sure there was no paparazzi in there I went through the drive through. I knew right away the cashier was a fan. She was going on and on about how much she loved me. " Love, do you have my tea?" I said wit my cutest accent. " Oh I am so sorry." SHe said in a sweet voice. " Thanks love." I winked and drove off late into the night...

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