He's The One

Lilli leads a perfectly normal life. She goes to school, she has her best friend and there's always the guy factor. What happens when her one of her friends tragically dies and she feels she has no one she can turn to? Her crush, Niall Horan, starts paying attention to her, but what about when he leaves to go on the hit TV show, X Factor?


3. Tragedy

Georgia P.O.V.

It was silent as we walked back to our houses, which, as we had just a few houses from Nialls. Can't say I minded, although I didn't like him like Lilli did.

'Isn't it weird thinking that in two minutes from now you might be dead?' I asked, totally out of the blue.

'Yeah, actually I do.' Niall replied, looking at me. I tunrned to face Lilli, who seemed thoughtful.  

Suddenly, as we neared the road, a guy jumped out from behind some trees and grabbed me by the wrist. I could feel only one thing.


Niall P.O.V.

He grabbed her wrist and held it tightly. Georgia winced. Lilli just gasped.

'Hey!' I cried. 'Hey, let go of her!' The man pulled out a knife.

'Got money?' he asked.


'Yes, money. It buys stuff. It's either shiny or it's paper. You know, just gimme some.' he hissed.

'I'm 16. I had worked that out.' Lilli grabbed her other free hand and pulled as hard as she could, but the man's grip was too tight. 'I don't have any money anyway.'

'No money?' he asked thoughtfully. He pressed the knife against Georgia's throat as the tears threatened to spill.

'Yes. Learnt English? No money.'

'Don't give me cheek.' he snarled and slit a long cut in Georgia's throat.

Lilli P.O.V.

In one swift movement he cut Georgia's throat deep. My best friend. I did the first thing I thought. I snatched her phone out of her pocket and called the police. The guy dropped the blood-stained knife and ran.

'They'll get you!' Niall yelled after him as he dropped to Georgia's side. She coughed.

'It's okay. You'll be alright.' Niall whispered to her.

I fell to my kness beside Niall and held Georgia's hand tightly. I squeezed it and tears flowed down my face.

Soon, we heard the screeching sirens of police-cars and ambulances. I could only hope she'd make it.


A team of paramedics were gathered around Georgia. Niall held my hand tightly.

'It's gonna be okay. She will be fine.' Niall comforted me. That would've worked if it were any situation but this.

A paramedic stood up and walked over to us. I looked hopefully at him. The whole situation had attracted a crowd and some reporters and journalists and whatnot.

The paramedic stood in front of us and shook his head gently.

Oh no. No no no no this wasn't happening. She's not dead. She can't be.

Niall wrapped his arms around me. There were some people from school there. Niall's friends. They just looked at us as Niall hugged me tightly.

They came over to us as I sobbed into Niall's chest, leaving water stains on his shirt. Obviously they didn't realise what happened. Either that or they were too stuck up to care.

'Hey, Niall, you wanna come kick the soccor ball or shoot some hoops or something.'

Niall sighed. 'You guys have no idea what just happened, do you?' he asked.

'Nup.' Jay answered. Jay was another one in this 'cool' group of theirs. He popped the 'p' as he spoke. 'C'mon, just.. do you or don't you?'

'Guys, go away.' he sounded slightly annoyed.

'But don't you...'

'I said get lost!' Niall demanded, shooing them away.

'You can go with them if you want.' I whispered.

'No. Not when I'm seeing you like this.' he replied gently.

'Lilli! Niall! What happened?' I heard another voice. It was my mum and a woman who I assumed was Niall's mum.

'Georgia....' I sobbed, unable to choke out anything else.

'What? What happened to Georgia?'

Niall sighed again. 'Some guy killed her.'

I was set off again, sobbing uncontrollably, shaking with every tear that rolled down my cheek.

Killed. She was killed. Some idiot had the heart to murder Georgia. Of all people. She was gone.

A/N: To all my friends who may be reading this... now you know why I used me as Lilli's best friend instead of you.

So now that Georgia's gone, how is all going to go for Lilli? Will she learn that things happen, no matter how bad it may be, or will she turn her back on the world? Can Niall step in and help her?

Thanks again for reading everyone!!

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