He's The One

Lilli leads a perfectly normal life. She goes to school, she has her best friend and there's always the guy factor. What happens when her one of her friends tragically dies and she feels she has no one she can turn to? Her crush, Niall Horan, starts paying attention to her, but what about when he leaves to go on the hit TV show, X Factor?


2. The treehouse

Last period of school. There were people running around chasing a soccor ball. I hated sport, but I always looked forward to it for this one reason: it was my one class with Niall.

I decided to attempt impressing him. I stalked the soccor ball and kicked it hard. It flew through the air, over everyone's heads. I hoped and prayed that I kicked in the right direction as the ball sailed into the goal. Thank goodness, it was the right one.  

Niall walked past me. 'Nice work.' he congratulated and ran over to some boys waiting on the other end of the field. Another plan, perfectly executed.   

'I honestly had no idea you had that in you.' Georgia laughed as she walked up beside me.

Now, I just wanted to get home and sit in the treehouse Georgia and I built. Friday afternoon. We had the whole weekend ahead of us, now.  


We jumped off the bus  and ran full speed to the treehouse, dumping our bags outside Georgia's house along the way.

We climbed up the ladder we made out of wood and sat down, puffing. We erupted into laughter, for no particular reason. It was just something we did.

Georgia pulled her phone out of her pocket and plugged in the earphones. She handed me one and pushed shuffle. Skinny Love by Birdy started playing.

We just sat there, talking about the day and some ridiculous thing that happened in class that day, when we felt the treehouse start to shake a bit. We froze.

'The tree's falling.' Georgia panicked. 'We're going to die.'

'Georgia, the tree isn't falling.' I whispered. 'Just... just breathe.'

Suddenly, a head appeared at the entrance. It was him! Niall! I froze once again.

'Oh, hey!' he said.

'H..hi...' I replied shakily.

Georgia sighed. 'Niall.' she scolded in a very motherly way. 'We thought the tree was collapsing.'

'You what?' he asked.

'I thought the tree was going to fall and that we were going to die and all that.' she answered calmly.

Niall ran his fingers through his beautiful blonde hair and smiled, his crooked teeth showing.

'Umm, ok!' he laughed. 'That's a bit weird.' There was an awkward silence. I felt too shy to say anything. Unusual for me, but I felt I was going to make a fool of myself. Thank goodness Georgia was so chatty.

'So have you learnt our names yet?' she asked, slightly annoyed.

'Georgia and Lilli.' he grinned. 'I knew them already.'

'Oh, how nice of you to learn and not waiting till later.'

'Yeah, sorry about that.' He really sounded apologetic.

'Wait... you already knew our names?' I asked surprised. Why did I say that?! Why, why, why?

'I'm not that dumb!'

'No, I know, it's just...' Georgia, help.

'Then what was up with you at lunchtime?' Georgia snapped.

'Uhh, what?' he sounded confused.

'I'll work out your names later.' Georgia mimicked. I couldn't help but think that was a bit harsh.

'Hey, I'm sorry, I don't know what was wrong with me.'

Georgia sighed. 'Sorry. I just get like that sometimes...'

Niall smiled. 'That's ok. Here, I'll walk you guys back to your houses.'

He made his way down the ladder and Georgia followed behind him. She looked at me excitedly and smiled broadly. I climbed down after Georgia and jumped the last three steps. I was so happy.

'So where do you guys live?' Niall asked as we ,ade our way to the road.

Georgia pointed to a grey house across the road. 'Just there's my house.'

'Mine's three houses down from Georgias.' I answered.

'Really?' Niall asked. 'Mine's four houses up.'

It was silent for a moment as I searched for Niall's house.  He had lived a few houses away from me and I'd never noticed?

Georgia interrupted my thoughts. 'Do you ever wonder how long it will be until you die?'

'Yeah, actually I do.' Niall replied. And I had to admit, it was a good question.

'Isn't it weird thinking that in two minutes from now you might be dead?'


I wish I actually knew how true that was.

A/N: Uh-oh. This isn't sounding good...

What's going to happen in Chapter 3? Is it true that in two minutes, something life-changing can happen?

Thank you for reading! As you know, this is the story I'm writing for Lilli or 4evaNiallHoran, so I hope you like it as well, Lilli!

Thanks for reading guys! Bye!



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