He's The One

Lilli leads a perfectly normal life. She goes to school, she has her best friend and there's always the guy factor. What happens when her one of her friends tragically dies and she feels she has no one she can turn to? Her crush, Niall Horan, starts paying attention to her, but what about when he leaves to go on the hit TV show, X Factor?


5. School

Lilli P.O.V.


Assembly time.

I was so not in the mood for school. I wasn't in the mood for anything except sitting at home, watching TV and eating. I was going to hate school. I knew I would. Now that Georgia wasn't here. Usually we would stand in our lines and mock the principal as she went on about room changes and announcements and stuff. Not today. Not ever.

As the principal started to rattle off announcements, I just stared at the ground. I didn't care if I missed room changes, people could fill me in on those. I didn't care if I missed announcements, none of them were for me. I heard footsteps as someone stood beside me.

'Hey.' I heard a familiar Irish voice whisper in my ear. I knew who it was immediately.

I turned and gave a kind of half-smile. 'Hey.' I returned. 'Aren't you supposed to be in a different line?'

'No. I got transferred.' 


'Don't you worry about it.' he smiled.

I looked at my feet again. I zoned out, zooming out of this school, out of this country, out of this planet like a space shuttle. I wanted to stay there. I didn't want to come back to this wretched planet. It took away my best friend, leaving no hopes of ever seeing her again.

My thoughts were interrupted by a certain announcement that gripped my attention. It was about her death. I felt a million pairs of eyes staring at me. Niall patted my back.

'It's okay.' he whispered and I could already tell this was going to be a long day... and it was only the start of the week. Brilliant.

Eventually, all the announcements were done and we were sent off to class. Our first lesson was English. This was going to help me get my mind off things, wasn't it? As a matter of fact, English was one of the best lessons to just let my mind wander, so it was the perfect lesson to actually think about everything that wasn't going on.

We all sat in random spots, just like we usually do. I went and sat in a corner by myself, unsure of whether I wanted to be followed. A group of Niall's friends sat on the other side of the room, so I suspected he wouldn't follow me. He was one of the last to walk into the room. I sat by myself resting my head in my heads, wonderingn how the hell I was supposed to get through school. 

Niall P.O.V.

I followed most of the claas into the room, being one of the last to walk in. I saw Jay and some others throwing paper at each other and made my way over to them.

'Hey, Niall!' Jay called. I grinned and went to go sit with them, completely forgetting that I was in the same class as Lilli now. I plonked my stuff down on a desk near to them and was about to sit down when I saw Lilli on the other side of the room, resting her head on her desk and drawing circles on her book with her finger.

Jay stood up and whispered in my ear, 'You like Lilli?'

'Possibly.' I replied bluntly.

'Hey, man, what's wrong?' asked Jonah, pegging a bit of scrunched up paper at me.

'What's wrong? Lilli's over there. She watched her best friend die a couple of days ago!' Lilli must of heard her name, because she looked up and scanned the room to see who may have said it. When no one responded to her reaction, she just stared at her book again. She must've felt terrible, as if the world had stopped spinning.

I half-heartedly sat down right where I was. I felt a pang of guilt. I tried to push it away, but it wouldn't leave me along, like there was a little voice in my head telling me what I did was totally wrong, and inconsiderate of me. And I believed it. Just as I was about to move, the teacher walked into the room.

'Alright, Year 11, we are just going to get straight to the work, now you may remember on Friday, I had you all write a short story. I told you that there would be a prize for the best one, and here is the best story that was written.'

The teacher started reading from a sheet of paper, the writing faintly visible on the other side of the sheet.

'And that story was by Georgia, although, I think I may have some difficulty giving her the prize...'

I looked at Lilli, whose eyes were welling with tears. She stood up and ran out of the room.

Lilli P.O.V.

'Alright, Year 11, we are just going to get straight to work, now you may remember on Friday, I had you all write a short story. I told you that there would be a prize for the best one, and here is the best story that was written.'

I decided I should probably pay attention, even though I really wasn't up for it. Oh well. It might actually do me some good to listen every now and again. The teacher started reading, and I zoned out again. For a brief moment, I forgot about all the past events and just lived in my own world, protected from everything and anyone who may want to hurt me. And for that brief moment, I was happy.

'And that story was by Georgia, although, I may have some difficulty giving her the prize...'

As soon as the words rolled off her tongue, I snapped back into the present time, into reality.   

My eyes stung. I knew everyone in the class was looking at me. I felt hot tears stream down my face. I jumped out of my seat and ran out of the room before anyone could stop me. I ran to the shade of a tree and sat myself at the treetrunk, burying my face in my hands.

Niall P.O.V.

'Oh my...' said the teacher. 'Probably not the best choice of words.'

'Do you want me to go find her, miss?' I asked, standing up.

'Yes, that would be good. Maybe just.. don't bring her back straight away. Just give her some time before she comes back.'

'Yes, miss.' I stood up and ran out of the room. Where was she? This school was massive. Lilli could be anywhere. She was nowhere in my sight. I heard someone knocking on the window from inside. I look in the direction of the knocking, and there was a girl there, pointing to the other side of the classroom. I got the hint.

I ran to the other side of the brick building. I saw her sitting underneath the big tree that people often spend lunchtimes arguing over for their shade. I saw someone sitting down under the tree, their head in their hands. I knew automatically who it was.

I ran over to her and pulled her into a tight hug.

'It's okay, alright?' I whispered in her ear. 'It's all okay. I'm here, now.'

That was exactly where we stayed the rest of the lesson.

Jay P.O.V.

I wonder what he would've done if he knew everyone was watching out the window...

Lilli P.O.V.

Ugh. This has been the most painful day. I can't stand this anymore. Niall has comforted me in every class where I had one of those moments where you nearly cry but you use everything you've got to hold back the tears. Niall's been amazing. This is exactly what I've wanted since Niall started at this school, two years ago. To be noticed by him. But now, being noticed by him doesn't seem so important. As a matter of fact the only reason I've been noticed by anyone is either because I'm sitting here like a loner right now, or because they know what happened.

I was sitting on a cold, metal bench, playing with my food, when Niall came and sat down next to me. So many girls at this school would kill to be in my position right now, sitting next to Niall, him treating me like a best friend, all that. I don't. I kill to be back being a goofball with Georgia. Niall knew that. And he didn't care that I would prefer to be with her than with him, simply because he saw the whole thing, and knew that she was my best friend.

'Whatcha doing?' he asked, eating his food so incredibly quickly, and consuming more than I thought humanly possible.

'Planking.' I replied with a small smile.

'Yes, because planking is sitting down on a freezing cold metal stool and staring at your food.' Niall laughed.

'Sarcasm, Niall. Sarcasm.' It was silent between us for a couple of minutes, the only sound being the occasional crunch or snap of Niall eating. 'You can go and play soccor with your friends or whatever they're doing.' I said.

'Nup.' He popped the 'p'. 'I'm going to sit here with you. I felt guilty enough not sitting with you in class this morning. I'm not going to go all lunchtime feeling the same way.'

A group of girls past us. They stopped at the sight of me talking to Niall. They sniggered and walked away. One of them stopped and stood in front of me.

'So sorry about your loss.' she smirked. I waited till she walked away and rolled my eyes.

'Sure you are.' I muttered.

'Ignore them. They clearly don't know what you're going through right now.' Niall said, after swallowing his mouthful of food.

Wind started blowing at full force causing my hair to flap irritatingly in my face. I turned my head in the opposite direction and saw people running for shelter from the harsh wind.

'Curse you, Mother Nature!' Niall cried. I laughed for the first time in days. I heard him try and scream something else at the wind, but his voice became muffled by my hair blowing in his face.

'Blegh. Thanks.' he muttered.

'Sorry.' I giggled.

Niall P.O.V.

I got her to laugh.

Well played, Niall. Well played.

A/N: Could it be that Niall is making Lilli happy again? She's learnt to smile again! :D In the next chapter, what will happen when Niall leaves? Where is he going and will Lilli be left to deal with those lonely days at school with no one to comfort her? Can they work through it, or will all contact be lost?

Thanks again for reading, guys! If you want to give me feedback, you can leave me a comment, and please enter my competition I have got going on my other movella, Back For You. PLEASE!


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