He's The One

Lilli leads a perfectly normal life. She goes to school, she has her best friend and there's always the guy factor. What happens when her one of her friends tragically dies and she feels she has no one she can turn to? Her crush, Niall Horan, starts paying attention to her, but what about when he leaves to go on the hit TV show, X Factor?


1. Me.

We were just sitting there. Admiring him. He was perfect in every way. His name was Niall Horan and he was one of the popular guys who spent his lunchtimes kicking a soccor ball around, his dirty blonde hair swaying in the wind.

I'm Lilli, and me and my best friend Georgia were sitting under the tree at school, just where we usually sat, being our usual, idiotic selves. We were jumping around, singing Rockstar by Reese Mastin, my short brown hair bounced gently while Georgia's long blonde curls flew in all directions. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the soccor ball come flying in our direction, hitting me on the head. Yowch.

'Sorry.' Niall apologised, not even glancing at me.

'It's ok.' I whispered as he ran off back to his game. I wish he actually knew my name. I wish he knew of my mere existence. He was so... so... hot. Every girl in the school chased this one guy, who just so happened to be Niall. Great. My already non-existent chances were further destroyed.

Georgia stood beside me.

'Aww, man!' she said. 'Hey, we do actually have names!' she called after him. He just turned around and looked at her strangely.

'I'll figure 'em out later!' he yelled back. Perfect. Just perfect. Like he would even care.

Georgia just groaned. 'Thanks for that, Niall.' she muttered.

'I know exactly what you mean.' I stared after him. I so badly wanted him to know my name at the very least.

Georgia patted me on the back. She knew how much I liked him. She was the only one.

Someday. I promised myself. Someday I'll tell him.

A/N: Hey guys! This is my new fanfiction, that I am writing for Lilli, who you would know a bit about if you read my other fanfiction. It's a really short first chapter!! Sorry guys! Keep reading guys!


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