He's The One

Lilli leads a perfectly normal life. She goes to school, she has her best friend and there's always the guy factor. What happens when her one of her friends tragically dies and she feels she has no one she can turn to? Her crush, Niall Horan, starts paying attention to her, but what about when he leaves to go on the hit TV show, X Factor?


8. Audition

Niall P.O.V.

I waited backstage, my arm wrapped securely around Lilli. I was so nervous. She probably could feel my heart pounding. I know I could.

A woman walked towards us and informed me that I was up next. She ushered me closer to the stage, forcing me to let go of Lilli. I took  a deep breath. I was so scared. Especially by someone. He's pretty harsh on each of the competitors. What if I wasn't good enough? What if they didn't believe I could do it?

I walked onstage, trying not to shake.

'What's your name?' Louis Walsh asked me.

'Niall.' I replied, sounding more confident than I felt.

After a few questions, I was granted permission to start singing. I waited for the music to come on, and performed So Sick.

I gotta change my answering machine

Now that I'm alone

Cuz right now it says that we

Can't come to the phone

And I know it makes no sense

Cuz you walked out the door

But it's the only way I hear your voice anymore

Simon held his hand up, a signal for me to stop singing. My heart sank as he did so.

I had got one no so far, and one more person left to decide. Katy Perry. She buried her head in her hands, unsure of what to do. I clasped my hands together. I had to get through. It was my dream. I had to.

I telepathically begged her to say yes. To make my family proud. To make my friends proud. To make Lilli proud. I had to.

'Yes. Of course, you're through.' Katy said, after a silence that felt longer than it really was.

I cheered. 'Thank you so much.' I said, walking off stage. I ran over to Lilli, who was waiting to meet me, and I threw her in the air and caught her. She hugged me tightly.

I did it. I got through.

Lilli P.O.V.

He did it. One step closer.



No, don't do that.

So, I just wanted to say, thanks for sticking with the story, even though I haven't updated in an eternity.

I also wanted to say that you do NOT have permission to kill me, no matter what I tell you :)


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