Not Your Average One Night Stand (RATED M)

Jennifer Banks, a 19 year old girl going no where in life, her life i crumbling, and shes doing more harm then she thinks. We will catch up with this interesting young lady at a club. 'Different Dick Every Night' is what she wants, and she gets it, except when she meets our young lad from Bradford. He is Not Your Average One Night Stand.


3. There's Always Time For Firsts! Right?

Im Not a girl that likes 'Firsts'. I've never. Ever. Ever. Stayed with someone over then a one night stand. Yea. today was a first. NO NO NO NO!I cant do this! IM BREAKING MY PROMISE!

~An Hour Before~
My eyes fluttered open, Sunlight filtered in. The boy beside me laid there. His chest lowered softly and rose back up again. I found him interesting to look at. I smiled to myself. Maybe it was time to settle down? But. Old habits do die hard. I laid looking at the roof debating what to do. "Good Morning love." A sexy morning voice purred. I looked over to my left and saw his chocolate brown eyes looking at me. "Good Mornin'" I giggled. Hmm i giggled. Interesting. We looked into each others eyes for the longest time. We both leaned in and shared a short passionate kiss. "Go to sleep, im making you something." He grinned. I shrugged my shoulders and sighed.
*20mins later*
I woke up to the smell of food. I threw on my dress and walked out. Zayn was standing near the stove. I smiled to myself a tiptoed up to him. I hugged him from behind. "Hello." He smirked. He turned from cooking and i rose the highest i could without jumping. Out lips touched and i felt a spark. What was that? A sharp beep interrupted. He turned sharply, me still in his arms. I almost fell backwards. He put out the small fire in the pan. "Sorry!" We apologized. We laughed together. I've never felt this..this...this happy! "Well, breakfast is toast." "Bam dum tssh" i sang. He chuckled. "Cereal?" "What kinds" "um. Alot?" "Whats alot?" "I dunno this much?" He gestured to the cabinet. My jaw hit the ground. Every. One. Of. My. Favorites. EEE! "I dont know you chose!" I giggled. He shrugged. I turned on my heel and headed to the dinning room. I felt him watching me. Good. I plopped down on a chair.
20seconds later i heard a crash. "Zayn?" I screamed. No answer. "Zayn?" I screamed again, a little louder. "Zayn?" I yelled getting up. I ran to the kitchen. Zayn was unconscious. "ZAYN!" I shrieked. Glass littered the floor. It was from the window. How did i not notice the window? Blood started leaking out. Shit.
I tried to call the emergency services. The phone was cut. So much luck for the main line. I looked around for my cell. Dead. So was Zayns. Shit.
I put a blanket on the ground and rolled Zayn on it. It was quite early. No one would notice me dragging him out of his room. I hope. I grabbed his keys and his phone as well as mine. I unlatched the door and dragged Zayn out on the blanket. I ran as fast as i could, for a girl with big boobs and a big ass, i can run pretty fast with a heavy load. We neared the elevator. I slammed the button. *bing* it opened and pulled itself open like a freaking snail. I pulled him in. "Basement parking, basement parking, basement parking" i mumbled to myself looking through the buttons. "BASEMENT PARKING!" I yelled when i found it. I pushed it and we slowly moved down. *bing* it opened a few moments later. I looked at his keys. Ok so his car should beep if i pressed this button. I pressed it and right across from me was a beautiful car. "Alright." I huffed and dragged him into the car. I plugged the key into the ignition. I turned it sharply and it rose to life. "Good morning to you to." I hummed softly. I pulled out of the garage. "GPS AT YOUR SERVICE!" A machine buzzed. "Nearest hospital." I frowned. "Left in four miles." Four miles up the road i turned left. "Forward 2 miles then right" the mechanical voice demanded. I did as it instructed. "You have arrived at you destination. Words read on it. He lives six miles from the hospital? Convenient. I pulled the car near the emergency doors. I shut off the engine and pulled open my door. I slammed it as i dashed and did the same to Zayns side, but softly putting him to the ground. I locked it and put him on my back. He was heavy, but with adrenaline rushing, i could do it. The automatic doors slide open. I fell on the ground in front of the lady. Pain sprung on my ankle. "Please help him" i groaned. He was on top of me and squishing my boobs. I closed my eyes, pain taking over. "Please"
-Back to Present-
All happened about and hour ago. Ok maybe 2 or 3 hours but still. My ankle was killing me. Another first. I sighed. I sprained it so i was good just couldn't apply tons of pressure. "Honey Zayn should be fine, you can leave" i snarky nurse told me. I got up. "I want to see him." I answered. "What?" She replyed. "I. Want. To. See. Him." I answered, making her sound stupid. She lead me to his room angrily. I opened the door and saw him there, matted in blood. "You saved him." The doctor smiled. "I guess i did" i smiled back. "I guess i did"
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