Not Your Average One Night Stand (RATED M)

Jennifer Banks, a 19 year old girl going no where in life, her life i crumbling, and shes doing more harm then she thinks. We will catch up with this interesting young lady at a club. 'Different Dick Every Night' is what she wants, and she gets it, except when she meets our young lad from Bradford. He is Not Your Average One Night Stand.


1. Meet Jennifer Banks.

Name - Jennifer Luna Banks.

Age - 19

Looks - Tall blonde. Blue Eyes. About 5'7. Curvy. Ass like Nicki Minaj and boobs like Kim Kardashian

Personality - Shes not snooby, but she knows how to get a one night stand. Shes nice if you get to know her, but she wont go showing it everywhere. Never had a serious long relasionship.

Where we will see her - A club, grinding against her latest victim

Nickname - The Black Widow.

Our story will see her and what she does to get these 'One Night Stands'

Ready for this? Yes this is my second account. I dont want dirty ones on my other account. No my real name is not Jennifer, but it is to you.
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