Not Your Average One Night Stand (RATED M)

Jennifer Banks, a 19 year old girl going no where in life, her life i crumbling, and shes doing more harm then she thinks. We will catch up with this interesting young lady at a club. 'Different Dick Every Night' is what she wants, and she gets it, except when she meets our young lad from Bradford. He is Not Your Average One Night Stand.


2. Dont Like It? Imma Prove You Wrong.

I fluffed my hair in frustration, of course until it was perfect for flirting. I took a Black dress that accented my butt and boobs. I was gifted. I applied make up carefully, not messing it up a tiny bit. I departed from the bathroom and used my usual sexy walk, i'd be using it for the rest of the night. Tonight was 'The Pinwheels' turn. It was the club where celebrities went, and im a regular. I threw on my heels and called a taxi, i never needed a car because the boys that fucked me would take me home.
-once there-
I breathed in the smell of sweat and craving of sex. Great time to come. I did my walk and tried looking as innocent as possible. I walked past a group of boys and they smiled at me. I winked. I was gonna get one of them. Maybe two? A three some is hard to achieve, but i've done it. One grabbed my arm. He was sexy. Hopefully not a virgin. "Can i buy you a drink?" He asked. "Sure!" I giggled sweetly. He lead my too the bar and told me about himself. All i cared about, was his name. Zayn, peculiar. I liked it. After a few drinks, he was intoxicated, i was to. Drunk sex SCORE! "Wanna dance love?" He slurred. I nodded as we headed to the dance floor. We spent the whole time grinding each other. A few minutes before closing i reached my goal. "Wanna rent a hotel love?" He slurred a bit more. "Yes" i seductivly answered.

He pulled me out the door and waved down a taxi. "Nearest hotel please!" I giggled. I noticed Zayn was looking at my boobs. Yes! Once the taxi reached the destination, Zayn pretty much threw me out of the taxi. We walked in and i acted sobber and tired. "One room please." I stifled a fake yawn. The boy gave me a key, top floor.
We got to the elevator and as soon as the doors close he started making out with me. He let me wrap my legs around his waist. As the door opened he carried me to the room and opened it quickly. We found the bed and he threw me on it. "Clothes now." He demanded.

I unlatched his belt and teasingly pulled his pants down. I soon exposed his extremely large penis. Perfect. I thought. I shoved as much as i could in my mouth and started sucking. I messgaed what wasnt in with my fingers. He moaned in pleasure and forced my head back and forth. He tapped my head lightly, saying he was going to cum. I pushed it deeper into my mouth and he released the flow. It slithered down my throught. I pulled it out and liked my lips. "My turn." He grinned. He ripped my dress off, exposing my lacy underwear. He pulled my underwear down and started fingering me. I moaned in pleasure. He put in another finger and i moaned louder. He shoved in another finger. Three were in and i felt a rush of pleasure. "The best part is yet to come love" he whispered. He lovered his tounge down to my pussy. I cummed inside his mouth quickly. "You taste amazing." He seducted. I cummed again and he caught it. I pulled him up to me and ripped of his shirt. He unlatched my bra and started sucking my breasts.

I moaned again. He proceeded to pleasure me by grabbing a condom and slipping it on. He then went inside me. He started slow as we kissed. He then went deeper and deeper. I moaned. "Harder." I stated evenly. He pushed in and out harder. We moaned together. "Harder! Faster!" I giggled. He went farther in and faster. "Faster Faster Faster!" I moaned. He pulled in and out quickly. "HARDER FASTER HARDER HARDER!" I screamed i pleasure. He did as i said. "ZAYN!" I Shrieked in pleasure again. It was amazing. I hit my orgassum and he did as well. After 20 minutes, he pulled out and ate me out.

Soon we were at it again. 3 hours later, we layed beside eachother panting. I layed beside him as we cuddled. "Will i see you again?" He asked before i drifted off to sleep. My alcohol in me answered something i would have never said. A rookie mistake, and im no rookie. I replied "Defiantly." And drifted to sleep, listening to his heart beat and steady breathing. It was fun. Maybe i could get to his other friends to. I smiled. What a great One Night Stand.
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