His Runaway Princess Bride (Harry Styles) {Coming Soon}

One question. Do you think it's easy being a princess? No, no it's not. You want to know why well..

Delaney Kalantha Windsor is not your normal girl you could find anywhere she's the princess of England that has to marry a 22 year old lad she has never met or talk to before plus she's 18. Would you marry a 22 year old if you where 18? No I don't think so. She hates a lot of things about being a princess so she wants to runaway. Now do you think it's so easy being a princess? Try being Delaney then if you think it's so easy.


2. Chapter 1


I can't take it anymore. I can't go outside without someone finding were I am and telling the press. It's like I'm trapped inside this world where it's all about princess this, princess that. But did I tell you everyone is freaking out now about how I'm getting married to this lad that I don't even know? Well let me tell you about it. So I have to marry this lad I've never met, talk to before then suddenly I have to marry him. Hell to the no. I'm not marry him no matter what even if it will bring our two countries together. I wouldn't marry him if he was the last guy on earth. Besides I'm only 18. What 18 year old is going to get married to a-how old is he again? 22 yeah that's it. Who wants to get married to a 22 year old? No me that for sure. He's like five years older then me. One word. Ew no. Okay maybe that was two words but I am not marrying him. Okay I think you get the point. So here I am dying to get out of this place we all call a 'kingdom' Yes if your wondering I'm the princess. The princess of England that is. I just want to leave here and never come back. So I have a plan. My plan well it involves a bag/suitcase, My cloths that aren't dresses god I hate those, A new life. Yup my plan if you can't tell is to runaway. I know you must be think "What are you doing?!? Runningaway your the princess of England?!?! Go marry that dude" Or something like that. I rather die thank you every much. So my plan starts at around...*Checks fake watch* Now, Time to leave this place. 

I grabbed my two suitcases full of my cloths, laptop, other important stuff. Off the ground of my bedroom. I place the note I wrote to my parents, family on my bed before walking out of my room shuting the door behind me, heading down the stairs. I try my best to not make a sound but with two very heavy suitcases it's impossible. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs, set the suitcases on the ground. I unzip one of the two and grab a pair of my favorite red and white high tops that are at the top. I take a seat on the second last step of the stairs. One thing I hate about being a princess is you must be wearing heels and not high tops, running shoes, Sneakers or anything other then heels. That's another reason why I want to runaway. I slip them on over my gray ankle socks. I tie the laces up. I stood up from the stairs, zip the suitcase back up. I grab the handles and slowly make my way outside the kingdom/house. I shut the door behind me, set the two suitcases down again. I pull out my IPhone out of my dark blue skinny jean, dial up the taxi number. 

After about a 15 minute wait, I hopped into the back seat of the taxi after putting my suitcases into the booty of the car. 

"Were to miss?" The taxi driver asked. And I hate being called 'miss' all the time as well. 

"The Soho Hotel. Please" I spoke in my thick British accent. 

I love the fact that I'm British but hate that I'm the princess, that I'm in the royal family. Oh god just kill me now please. But one of the things I hate the most about being a princess is I have no friends meaning my only 'friends' are other princess' yeah I'm not 'friends' with them I just act like it. But I can't have any friends that aren't princess' cause I quote "If you have any friends that aren't princess' people will just use you to get to us and our money" Yup that's what my mum said. I just wish in this new life I will get friends but mostly a best friend, a boyfriend. I could never have a boyfriend so now is my change, I'm going to take it. 

"Where here miss" The driver said as we pulled up to the Soho hotel. I payed the right amount of money leaving a left small tip before making my way inside with my suitcases in hand. I just hope whatever happens will change my life in a good way. 

Oh I forgot to tell you I'm Delaney Kalantha Windsor - What a great name I know, Note my sarcasm. The princess of England that was going to marry this lad so I guess I'm His Runaway Princess Bride. 




I know it wasn't long but I really like it no I mean I loved it. Please vote comment and fan. I might update tomorrow or sunday but I don't know. I had to research the royal family's last name cause I didn't know it. Yup that's my life just all I do is Research stuff. Hope You liked it. I like how I ended with the title it's kind of funny though.

By the way I think I wrote this in half an hour. I stopped a few times okay? 


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