His Runaway Princess Bride (Harry Styles) {Coming Soon}

One question. Do you think it's easy being a princess? No, no it's not. You want to know why well..

Delaney Kalantha Windsor is not your normal girl you could find anywhere she's the princess of England that has to marry a 22 year old lad she has never met or talk to before plus she's 18. Would you marry a 22 year old if you where 18? No I don't think so. She hates a lot of things about being a princess so she wants to runaway. Now do you think it's so easy being a princess? Try being Delaney then if you think it's so easy.


1. Authors Note


New story. I just came up with it and plus it's winter break so when I'm not writing my other stories I'll be writing this. I don't know if it's a good story and I don't have the whole story planned out yet but I have the first cahpter.

And please don't take this story and say it's yours when I wrote it on my free time. 

All the people in this story are mine meaning I made them all up. So I own them except One Direction So don't take this. If you like this story vote comment and fan me. If you want a dedication just ask I'll give you one.  Thanks for reading this. The next part is the first chapter. 


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