Forever is a very long Time~ A Niall FanFic

Niall.. Yes Niall Horan.. Left me.. I was his princess.. His.. All his.. He said he would never leave me.. That he would always be there for me... Forever and ever.. But he left... Once he got all famous.. He left.. He knew I had a baby I'm board.. And just left.. He lied... He just got me happy and then left.. The thought of having someone by me at all times disappeared for me... He left me.. All ALONE...
" i will be back Rose..." was what he said when he left... That was it..


6. Wake up...

I walked to Rose's room. To say my goodbye's.... I was going on tour for our new album, take me home. I walked into her room and instantly began to cry. I walked to her side and grabbed her hand.

" remember Rose... I will love you forever.. i promise..." i tried to give her a smile but it ended up looking like a shaky cry. I reached in and kissed her soft lips. I ran my fingers down her curly brown hair. It has been about three months and nothing has happened. The doctors said there was no hope.. But I will always have hope. I left my car keys at the entrance table saying if she woke up to give it to her. I also left some money and a book filled with numbers. Harry's, Liam's, mine, Zayn's, Kat's, Hailey's, Louis's, Nikki's, and her parents. Ruy was coming with us in tour.. Ruy was our baby's name. It is actually Rose, like her mom but for short we call her Ruy.

" Daddy!" she managed to choke out.

" baby! Ready to go!?" i said in excitement. She shook her head and we all went into the tour bus. All the girl were going too but they were going to keep calling the hospital to see how Rose is doing.

** skip the plane ride **

We were already at the states and i was starving! It was about 8:00 pm. We walked into our hotel rooms and arranged were we were going to sleep. I heard a ring tone and it was Harry's. It was beautiful. It was like the same problem me and Rose had.. It was called Collide by Rock for Relief.

" Hello?" Harry's answered. 

" okay... Don't let her go any were.." we all looked at each other.. Could it be.

" what are trying to say!?" 

" oh god... Okay, okay.." what the hell is he talking about!?

" she, Rose, she woke up. But..." Harry began.

" but what!?" i asked getting worried.

" she lost her memory, well some of it... And she took the money, the car... She just left. Without saying were." i know we were supposed to keep with our tour. But... I was going to do what ever it took to make it go faster! 

** Rose's POV **

" remember Rose, i will love you forever, i promise.." i heard someone say... But who? The only man I remember was my dad. Those nine words kept going on and on inside my head. Over and over again.  Non stop. Like when shrek was reading Fiona's diary and the words were just spilling out. I couldn't handle it! I flashed my eyes open and let out a little whimper. I was hoping someone would be there to say something like yay she's awake or something like that... But I only saw a wall. I yelled for a nurse and in came one.

 " Miss Horan!" she screamed... Horan?

" it Rose Sullivan... Not Horan..." i stated in complete confusion.

" oh dear lord! Mr. Horan will be so happy to hear your awake!" her british accent was like one of those happy mothers one.

" who's Mr. Horan?" i asked.

" holy mother of Jesus.... You don't remember?" she asked getting startled.

" no... Who is he?" 

" well he, he is your boyfriend." 

" since when do I have a boyfriend!?" i asked.

" well since... I'm not sure darling... But I'm going to call the doctor and he will see if you can go home right now..." she gave me a stupid grin and walked out the door.

" hello miss Sullivan, how are you doing?" the doctor said getting in.

" good.... I feel no pain what so ever, I just can't remember anything that has happened lately, only my parents and sort."

" okay... I see no reason not to let you out today.. You are free to go..." the doctor said helping me up. He gave me the clothes I guess Mr. Horan left me and i put them on. It was just a plane blue shirt with some skinny jeans and some toms. I went to the entrance table and i asked different someone had left me something.

" oh yes yes... Niall Horan left you his car, some money and a book full of numbers.." money...

I collected the items and left... Without another word spoken. I went outside to look for the car and found a baby blue mustang! Dam... Am I rich?! I got in the car and drove away.. Who knows were? But I just had to go! I was finally free out of that dark pit and now im gong to live like there is no tomorrow.. But I felt like something is missing... I looked around the car to see if I had forgotten something but I didn't. I liked at the back seat to find a picture... It was of a baby... On the back it said: Rose, our little baby, hope her mother wakes up before our little Ruy is a child.... Ruy.... Who was Ruy? 

" Ruy?" i asked touching the picture..

" Ruy..."

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