Forever is a very long Time~ A Niall FanFic

Niall.. Yes Niall Horan.. Left me.. I was his princess.. His.. All his.. He said he would never leave me.. That he would always be there for me... Forever and ever.. But he left... Once he got all famous.. He left.. He knew I had a baby I'm board.. And just left.. He lied... He just got me happy and then left.. The thought of having someone by me at all times disappeared for me... He left me.. All ALONE...
" i will be back Rose..." was what he said when he left... That was it..


14. Sequel!

 There!!!! I finished my movella:) the name to the sequel is The False Princess.... I don't care if u guys think it's to soon... I think it's the right time to start... #nohate!

Oh i also got a new dog.. She was already named and her name was sophie:p she's a pomeranian:) 

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