Forever is a very long Time~ A Niall FanFic

Niall.. Yes Niall Horan.. Left me.. I was his princess.. His.. All his.. He said he would never leave me.. That he would always be there for me... Forever and ever.. But he left... Once he got all famous.. He left.. He knew I had a baby I'm board.. And just left.. He lied... He just got me happy and then left.. The thought of having someone by me at all times disappeared for me... He left me.. All ALONE...
" i will be back Rose..." was what he said when he left... That was it..


13. Moving

** Ruby's POV **

 I got so jealous when Sophie said that Rose was on the television! From the moment she stood up to my mother I knew she would always be better than me.

" We need to go to California.. Now!" Rose said worried. Shy wouldn't she like fame? It's like the best thing!

" Okay girls, I'll get you tickets tomorrow.. But.." she began.

" But what?!" i asked.

" you need your parents permission.. You both haven't turned 18.." she sadly said.

" I can convince them.." Rose quickly said.... Of course she can.. I mean... If she called me my mom a FUCKEN BITCH, she obviously can make them do anything.

" Great, we'll go tomorrow.." i simply said going to Rose's room for the night. She followed me into the room and shut the door behind herself.

" Now that I found out your still alive.. I need you to fill me up with details!" she giggled.

" well, I have had a few boy friends, you know. But none of them were the ones." i continued.

" i found out I'm like i. CRAZY love with a British boy band named One Direction.. They are absolutely gorgeous!" i screamed.

" wow.. That's it?" she asked.

" well, Tom did die, i think.." i pretended to think. We both giggled and i began to talk.

" also, I love this guy named Justin Bieber! He is sooooooo cute!" i giggled.

" does he sing?" Duh he sings!

" um yeah.." i said like if she were stupid.

" can you sing a song?" she asked. I began to sing one time by him.

" the butterflies in my stomach won't stop stop. And even though love is all we got, we gonna keep, keep climbing to the mountain top. Cause your world is my world, and your breath is my breath.." i only sang her a bit.. I mean, she kinda was a stranger... Not seeing her for years...

** Rose's POV **

 That song... I knew that song from somewhere.. IN THE COMA! I heard someone say. The doctor I said I was able to hear threw out it.. Some one sang me that song! 

** Niall's POV **

" ima tell you one time-" I began to sing.

" Niall, shut up! It's like five in the fucken morning!" Zayn yelled from his room.. Anger issues much? Well, I could understand, he loves to sleep.. I just wanted to be by Rose's side and sing her One Time by Justin Bieber again.. My love has never ended. Knowing she's out of the hospital and at her nanny's house makes me want to leave back home!

" psss!!" Liam whispered.. What a weirdo..

" what?" i asked.

" Rose has been seen at the airport.." he whisperedly yelled.

" what?!" i asked.

" yeah.. But the paparazzis don't know where.." he whispered then left.

" shit.." i mumbled to my self. I laid back down and tried to go to sleep.. But I just couldn't..

** Rose's POV ** 

We were both walking down the hall ways of the airport. Yes, our parents signed the paper.. ALOT of trying to convince them thingy but they signed it!!

" come one Rose!" Ruby said drifting in front of me. We were already about a minute late for the plane!! We got first class tickets! Once we arrived we quickly showed the girl our tickets and ran to the plane. We had separate seats so we couldn't sit together.. Shame. But, I ended up sitting by a really cute guy! Well.. I couldn't see his face because he had a hood on and some super dark shades on.

" hey!" i said sitting down and buckling my seat belt.

" hey.." he mumbled. He had dirty blonde hair and i couldn't really see his eyes but they looked brown.

" hey, well, I'm Rose, Rose Sullivan! You?" i asked.

" Justin.." he shyly said.

" Whats your last name?" i asked getting curious.

" can't say.." he mumbled.. Dam.. What's so mysterious about this dude?!

" Hey, I lost my memory.. Can't remember anything.." i smirked.

" Really?" he asked in disbelief.

" yup.." i grinned.

" well.. I'm Justin.. Justin Bieber.." he smirked pulling off his shades and hood.

" cool.." i laughed. He smiled with me. So.. This is the JB dude..

" yeah.. Where are you heading up to?" he asked.

" Yuba city. You?" i asked.. Oh and our parents let us have that one house.

" oh, I'm going to Los Angeles.." he frowned.

" Justin.. I don't even know you.." i laughed.

" well, you do know!" he chuckled.

" here.." he handed me his phone and took my phone out of my hand. He signalled me to put my number in his Iphone 5. I quickly dialed my number and saved it as: Rose;). I don't know why bug at the end of my name is always put a smile face like that. I looked at his contact which of course was like this: Justin<3:-*... Weird..

" darn.. The plane is stopping.." Justin frowned.. Dam.. That went by fast! I frowned as well and unbuckled my seat belt. Justin pulled his hold back on and put his shades on. I was about to ask him why but Ruby pulled on my arm. I followed her off the plane as well as many others. Well.. I had no just moved and live in my old californian house..

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