Forever is a very long Time~ A Niall FanFic

Niall.. Yes Niall Horan.. Left me.. I was his princess.. His.. All his.. He said he would never leave me.. That he would always be there for me... Forever and ever.. But he left... Once he got all famous.. He left.. He knew I had a baby I'm board.. And just left.. He lied... He just got me happy and then left.. The thought of having someone by me at all times disappeared for me... He left me.. All ALONE...
" i will be back Rose..." was what he said when he left... That was it..


3. I guess not forever...

I turned the television on to watch Niall. Even though he broke me bad...  I still care about him. As soon as I began to care about him... I can't stop anymore. I watched as him and the rest of the boys should up. I had my two best friends over, Hailey.. As usual and my other friend, Kat. They were pretty much the only people I could trust.

" don't worry Rose.... Niall isn't worth your tears..." Kat said while rubbing my back.

" but..." i began to say but the tears stopped me.

" but... He's the father of this girl! What am I going to say to the girl when she asks for her father!?" i began to sob as Kat just hugged me.. She was so careful with my baby.

" don't worry... That baby will have three mothers.." she said giggling. She always knows how to make me laugh.

" DONE!" Hailey yelled in excitement as she came out with a big bowl of chicken noddle soup.

" thanks! Your a great cook!" i said winking.

" oh shush! Liam's on!" Hailey said paying attention to the television.

They performed a song by The Script. They did very good! Once they finished their song, all the crowed went wild and cheered.

" thank you!" Louis yelled as they all ran off... Niall didn't say ' remember Rose, i will love you forever..' or something like that! He just ran off stage! Not another word said.. In a conversation.. He wouldn't talk much. Just a hey or hi... Not 'yeah, I have girlfriend that's pregnant with my baby and I love her!' nothing.. Kat must have seen how sad I was because she turned off the television.

" why did you turn it off!?" Hailey asked madly.. Wouldn't blame her.. She was in love with Liam!

" its okay Hailey.. You ain't gonna die!" Kat giggled.

" yeah Kat.. I'm not going to die either.. So you can at least turn the television back on!" i giggled a bit then became sad again.

" no its okay Rose.. I should have never even turned it on.. I'm a great friend!" Hailey said sarcastic the last part.

" you are a great friend... And hope you never forget that!" i said smiling.

" oh shut up!" Hailey laughed as i turned the television back on.

We watched every one perform until it was over.

" bye.... I'm going home! Bye!!!" Hailey screamed while giving me a kiss on the cheek as well as Kat. It was just a friend thing that me and Hailey and Kat did.

" do you want me to stay with you?" Kat asked once Hailey left.

" if you want...." i shrugged and got up.

" i'm staying..." Kat stated and walked to my room. I slowly walked back to the couch and looked at a picture there was on a stool of me and Niall. We were at the beach by our selfs.. It was when we had found out I was pregnant.. He said we should go and celebrate so we went to the beach. We were kissing as Naill got a camera and snapped a picture of us. I grabbed the picture and threw it to the wall.. It instantly broke the frame. Good...

" Rose... Come to the bed..." Kat yelled from my room.

" okay.." i said getting up and walking to the room. I walked in and layed down on the bed. She hugged me right.. Not tight enough to hurt me but to hug me tight.

" i love you Rose!" she said starting to go to sleep.

" i love you to Kat..." i replied but i think she was already sleeping.

" i love you Niall..." i whispered. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.


I woke up to the smell of bacon. Mm... I walked out of my room and into the kitchen. Kat was cooking. She loves cooking. She was also a great cook.

" morning sleepy head!" she giggled as she served some food for me.

" haha good morning to you too..." i giggled as i sat down to eat.

" hey, is it okay if I stay with you for a while?" she asked.

" sure! Why though?" why would she need a place to stay? She was rich..

" no.. My parents kicked me out.. Once they found out who Zayn was..." she mumbled. Zayn was her boyfriend.. I know.. Strange..

" oh.. Okay.. Guess they don't like a smoking guy.." i said giggling.

" yeah about that.. Would you mind if Zayn came over? He's going to be let out of the X-Factor for a little break.. As long as the boys too.." she mumbled the last part.

" sure.. When are they coming?"i asked.

" tomorrow morning..." ugh... Fine...

" okay.. That's cool.." LIES!! I wasn't okay with that... But... I guess it's alright.

" yay! Come on let's eat up so we can clean up then go to sleep extra early so we can receive them early tomorrow..." she said finishing her breakfast.

" what time tomorrow?!" i asked shocked.

" around three in the morning.." ahhhhhhhh!! I widened my eyes and began to clean the house.

** Liam's POV **

I was just finished packing my stuff when I hear crying next door... That's Niall's room.. I walked to his room and without knocking I entered.

" what do you want?" Niall asked drying some tears by his eyes.

" why was Rose... Bigger.." i asked.

" she... Promise you won't tell?!" he asked worried. I shook my head and shut the door.

" she was the most beautiful girl I could ever imagine! She was to precious to loose.. One day we had... Sex... She got pregnant.. With my baby girl... Her parents kicked her out because they were very rich and couldn't tell the world that their 16 year old daughter had gone out with a poor boy and got pregnant.. We moved in together in a little cottage.. We're no one could find us. We there made our little life's. She worked at a coffee shop as i worked at a corner store and at a tire place. Her dreams were to big for me to help her reach them. She went from the top to the bottom for me.. And I've been trying to go to the top for her... She doesn't deserve me Liam.. That's why I say I don't love her anymore.. But in reality.. I'm aching because of how many love I have for her. She is now pregnant with an 8 month child inside her.. A girl.." he was now crying in his hands. I couldn't believe he kept this away from everybody. Kept his secret sealed. No wonder why he acted like that around pregnant people..

** Harry's POV **

I heard everything... I didn't mean to be nosy... Just.. I don't know.. When i heard Liam ask about the thing that me and the boys were all confused about, I stayed. Niall is a great father! Notice my sarcasm!?  It was now about ten and we had to go to sleep so I knock on the door and bit.

" come in.." Niall said with a shaky voice.

" hey, we better get some sleep... Tomorrow we get a break. We are going to Niall's remember?" i asked Liam. He shook hus head and left the room. I walked back to my room and jumped in my bed. I slowly drifted to sleep thinking about the big day tomorrow!


It was now time to go! I went to each room to get them so we could leave. We all were ready and left the flat. 

** skip the plane ride **

We finally arrived at the little cottage that was Niall's... We walked up to the door and i knocked as Niall just pushed me aside.

" i still have a key.." he said as he opened the door. No one was awake yet. Niall led us to his room. He opened the door to reveal a sleeping Rose. She looked so peaceful! She wasn't as beautiful as i pictured her... She was more! She slowly flipped to her side and opened her eyes. Her eyes widened with shock!

" get.... Out... Of... My... House!" she screamed at Niall. Dam.. Prego but dangerous... Me likey like!

" babe.. Let me explain.." Niall pleaded as Rose got up and pushed Niall out.

" Rose..." someone from the kitchen asked.

We all looked to our left to see two girls standing there..when did they get here?

" Liam!" this girl ran to Liam and kissed him.

" Zayn!" this other girl, ran to Zayn and kissed him. How could they just be all happy in front of Rose!? Can't they see she is just getting over a guy then they go and make out with their boyfriends!

" Kat... He's back!" Rose cryed in her friends arms.

" can I at least explain!?" Niall asked.

** Rose's POV**

" can I at least explain?" Niall asked. How  dare he come back!? After all he did? He still has the nerves to come back!?

" no! Just.. Just leave!" i stormed away. I was walking to my room when i feel water run down my legs...

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