Forever is a very long Time~ A Niall FanFic

Niall.. Yes Niall Horan.. Left me.. I was his princess.. His.. All his.. He said he would never leave me.. That he would always be there for me... Forever and ever.. But he left... Once he got all famous.. He left.. He knew I had a baby I'm board.. And just left.. He lied... He just got me happy and then left.. The thought of having someone by me at all times disappeared for me... He left me.. All ALONE...
" i will be back Rose..." was what he said when he left... That was it..


10. Dreams of the past...

" Rose, Ruby! Daddy and Mommy have a little surprise for you! As well as for Tom, your brother!" My daddy's words ringed threw my ears as i ran to him. He squeezed me and my sister in a tight hug before starting to speak

" Daddy and Mommy are planning to go on a little vacation! To California!" We all jumped in excitement. My brother, Tom, was about 10 and me and my twin sister were two years younger, so we were around eight. 

" So, go pack your bags!" My dad grinned at us. We were like a perfect family. Those families you see on the television.. Me and my sister, Ruby, both ran to our room to get our suit cases. She was those girls that was afraid of EVERY THING... She saw a spider; screamed her lunges out. Met a boy; she was sooo insecure.. Saw a frog; ran away.. She was afraid of everything. The perfect daughter, the good one.. But on the other hand, you have me... The one you can call the 'mean' one. The one that isn't afraid of anything. I had my weak spots but i wasn't afraid of spiders or frogs.. If a boy began to flirt.. I flirt back. No its or buts. I had a blue suit case and she had a pink one.. We were so different but yet very alike. We liked the same type of food, guys, sports, everything.. But our personalities are so different.


" come one girls!" my mom said as she carried some of her bags to the car. Me and Ruby both ran down the stairs. We both fell on the last step. Ruby and i were both crying but i was laughing at the same time. 

" oh, my dear Ruby! Are you okay!?" my mom ran to Ruby... Of course her.. She was the family's little girl. The one EVEY ONE loved. My mom quickly picked Ruby off the ground just leaving me there.

" Don't worry Rose, Tom still loves you!" my big brother ran to my side and helped me up. I could easily say he was one of the few that actually loved me. We all went into side the car and buckled up. We were going to the airport for the long trip to California!

** Skip the plane ride **

We were now in California baby! We all went to the glorious house my dad has here. Yes, to answer your question, we are rich, but i mean, filthy rich. We went inside the huge mansion that looked more like a palace. It was like an ordinary mansion. Chandeliers every where. Two broad staircase that join together on the top. A huge kitchen that has all the things you need. I went up stairs to check it out. But all i could see were rooms.. I entered into one that had my name carved on it. I walked in and gasped. The room was huge! It had its own king sized bed, own bathroom, walk in closet, and so much more! I began to jump on my bed and forgot I needed to unpack.

" Rose! Stop jumping!" My cold mother yelled from downstairs. I quickly stopped for I knew what the consequences were. I jumped off my bed and began to unpack. We were going to stay here for at least a month or so. Once every one was done unpacking we decided to go eat. We were in Yuba City. It was very pretty here. We all desired to eat at a restaurant called Chinese Garden. It sounds tacky but the food was actually very good! I ate chow main and so much more! It was really good. When we finished it was about 8 o'clock and we decided to go eat ice-cream. The weather was damp. Like, it was raining but ice-cream wouldn't hurt. We went back into the car after we paid and went to look for an ice-cream place. We quickly found a place called Baskin' Robin's. We parked outside and ran in. It was raining and we didn't want to get wet. Ruby ran in front of me while flicking her curly brown hair at me. I glared at her after she finished because she knew how much I hated when people did that to me. She glared back at me with her perfect green blue eyes that looked like mine. I glared harder and sooner or later we both ended up laughing. We all ordered some vanilla ice-cream and went to eat it at small table.

" Hurry up girls! We need to go now!" my father rushed us after twenty minutes of eating our ice-cream. Me and Ruby quickly ate them and rushed to the car. It was a black Audi. Me and Ruby were sitting together in the back as Tom was sitting on the far corner looking out the window. We began to drive off into the black road. I saw no cars pass by and began to get worried. We were now in complete darkness. Suddenly, the bright lights of a semi truck appeared in front us.. All I remember was the song Thriller by Micheal Jackson was on.

" Ruby..." i mumbled. I was now completely awake in a white hospital room.. God.. I hated hospitals! I began to cry as i remembered what had happened last night. A nurse ran in and checked a machine that was connected to my arms. Blood was going threw some pipes that were connected to the flesh of my arms.

" w-where are my parents?" i managed to choke out. I could see the muscles on the nurse's arms loosen a bit and her smile go into a frown.

" they, your parents, their very good.." she mumbled. I didn't know if I should believe the little voice in my head saying not to believe her, or her... I just shook my head in those ' okay, you can go now ' ways and gave her a small smile that only lasted like a millisecond. She smiled back and quickly fast walked out the room, shutting the door behind herself. I let out all the tears I had been holding in and began to whimper. Could they be dead? Will I ever see them again?! Is my future going to be ruined? What happened with this ' happy family vacation '?! I feel like shit and my body is aching like fuck! I began to yell and scream.

" miss.. miss...." the same nurse shushed me. I stopped to see the same beautiful nurse that was there last time. I quickly hug her without thinking. She had dirty blonde hair with big brown eyes. She was very beautiful! We both pull away from our hug and i could see she was crying too... But why?

" Do you know if my sister and brother are fine?" i finally had the guts to ask. Her smile quickly faded one more time and she let a little sigh escape her lips.

" i am truly sorry Rose... But your brother and sister... Didn't make it..." i just froze... My brain froze, i froze, my heart froze... Everything just seemed like a nightmare... My brain suddenly observed everything the nurse had said and i began to cry a river. Why?! Why not me instead?! Tom, he was one of the few that showed his love to me, and he was pulled away from me?! Why my family?! What did I do to deserve this punishment?! 

Why?! The nurse's words kept ringing in my brain. ' they didn't make it ' those words were like nails on a chalk board.. ' they didn't make it ' over and over again. I covered my ears with my hands and covered my face with my legs. I squinted my eyes shut and yelled as loud as i could. Tears of anger and sadness filled my cheeks and eyes...

Why me?!

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