Forever is a very long Time~ A Niall FanFic

Niall.. Yes Niall Horan.. Left me.. I was his princess.. His.. All his.. He said he would never leave me.. That he would always be there for me... Forever and ever.. But he left... Once he got all famous.. He left.. He knew I had a baby I'm board.. And just left.. He lied... He just got me happy and then left.. The thought of having someone by me at all times disappeared for me... He left me.. All ALONE...
" i will be back Rose..." was what he said when he left... That was it..


5. Coma and blood loss?!

** Niall's POV **

Rose's handed the baby girl to Harry looking a bit wore out. Wouldn't blame her!She just had a baby! But something looked different! She suddenly blacked out and i called for a doctor.

 " stay in this room!" the doctor yelled as i tried to go after them. I ran back to the lads and began to cry in my hands... She can't die.. She can't!

" shhhhhh.. It's going to be alright Niall..." Liam said rubbing my back. Kat and Hailey were both crying while hugging each other.

" Mr.Horan?" a nurse said walking over. She was about Louis's age. She had brown hair, almost black and her eyes were like dark chocolate.

" yes?" i asked. Louis was totally checking her out... So the time to get a girlfriend Loui!

" i am very sorry.. She lost a lot of blood threw birth and now she is in a coma..."

" how long does it tale for her to wake up!?" i asked worried.

" in a matter of time. When she wants to. It can take up to days, months, and even years for her to wake up..." you could tell she was checking out Louis too.

" by the way, I am Nikki!" the nurse said. We shook hands and she quietly left.

Coma... Why a coma?! I was going to be by her side if she wanted me or not..

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