Forever is a very long Time~ A Niall FanFic

Niall.. Yes Niall Horan.. Left me.. I was his princess.. His.. All his.. He said he would never leave me.. That he would always be there for me... Forever and ever.. But he left... Once he got all famous.. He left.. He knew I had a baby I'm board.. And just left.. He lied... He just got me happy and then left.. The thought of having someone by me at all times disappeared for me... He left me.. All ALONE...
" i will be back Rose..." was what he said when he left... That was it..


1. I will love you forever, Rose...

" i will be back Rose..." Niall whispered in my ear.. I was 16 and pregnant.. You could say I was a slut but i wasn't..i only did it with Niall because he was my love. My love. I quickly kissed one more time before he grabbed his bags and left. Since my parents didn't except the fact that I was pregnant they kicked me out. Now I lived in a little cottage in the woods.. No I wasn't like a poor girl. We had our money. We also had a television and phone.. All those things.. Niall was auditioning for the X-Factor and for sure he was going to win. I was already about 8 months with this baby. I sat down in the couch and just waited to watch the show.. It was starting the additions but Niall had just left so it wasn't going to show him until tomorrow. I watched the auditions and laughed. There was some horrible singers! Simon Cowell would tell me straight up no! I laughed at that old man.

I fell asleep on the couch because when I woke up i was on it. I quickly loom at the time and it was 12 pm! I woke up late! I quickly get up and have breakfast.. Slowly because of the darn baby. I loved this girl more than ever but it got me tired!! I did pretty much nothing the whole day but clean.. I cleaned all the time.. When you came to our house.. You would be surprised at how clean it is! Time flew! It was already time to watch my Nialler..

I turned on the television and watched he'd as the singers went by. Some went threw, some... Not so much.. That's what got me scared.. What if Niall didn't make it!? No! Rose! He's going to make it!

Niall suddenly popped up on the television!

" hi! I'm Niall Horan! I'm here for my beloved Rose.. She's means the world to me! So I'm going to sing her a special song.. what hurts the most..." i began to sing at the fact that he dedicated this sing for me.. His voice was so sweet! I remember when he would sing to me so could go to sleep. He got all four yes's!!! I ran around my house like i had gone crazy! He made it! He real,he really made it! When he finished his sing he faced the camera and said six words I will never forget...

" i will love you forever, Rose..."

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