The Journey Of Love *Harry Styles Love*

Axle Winters has never been willing to love someone.
Never willing to trust someone with her heart.
But when she runs into a boy with sharp green eyes and curly brown hair, she forgets it all, and falls into the dream of Love.


14. Thinking Of You


*Will’s P.O.V.*

The air feels amazing up here, so free. The water below looks cold and deadly. I see the faces around me, yelling at me to get down, lights flashing. But I was determined, determined to not give up on her. She had to come…she just had to.

I’ve never done something, quite this big before, for any girl. I always played with their emotions, their feelings, craving the feel of superiority.

But even back then, with her, it wasn’t the same. Yes, I hurt her…but my reasons were different that time. Of course, she wouldn’t have known that, I never let anyone know my weakness and she had been it.

Well, she still is

“Sir, please come down!” A police officer calls to me but I ignore him, my feet dangling over the edge.

I listen to the wind blowing, gripping the side of the bridge tightly; to make sure I didn’t fall over without purpose.

It was just another cloudy day, and I was just another fucked up human, wanting to escape this torture.

“Sir, let me through, I can help him!” A voice begs the officer.

It’s her.

She came.

But out pity, I think.

She didn’t love me, why would she?

“Will, why?” Her voice reaches my ear, her breath tickling it. “Why are you doing this?”

I shrug my shoulders, “What’s life without that one person by your side?”

“We just came into each other’s lives; you can’t possibly expect me to love you instantly, especially with what our pasts hold?” She questions me, swinging her legs over the edge.

 I try to stop her, not wanting her in danger, but she swats my long fingers away.

I glance at her out of the corner of my eye.

A beanie covers her pulled up hair, a jumper covering her upper body, with sweats covering her lower half.

“You’re beautiful,” The words fall off my lips, hitting the cold air with fear.

“Will, please, just get off the ledge.” She begs me, looking into my eyes.

I swallow, “I can’t, you don’t love me…you hate me, you wouldn’t care if I died.”

She throws her hands up and nearly falls, but she ignores it, “Of course I would, I would never want someone to die. You mean so much to Harold, Haydn, and Nick; they couldn’t bear it if they lost you.”

I touch her face, pulling back instantly, “And what about you?”

She turns her face, to look down at the water, “It would kill me, Will, you mean so much to them and they mean so much to me. I’m fragile, I couldn’t handle if I knew I was the reason why someone wanted to die…or that I could’ve been the solution to stopping that person from dying.”

I mess around with my fingers, unsure of choice to do this, if it was causing her pain.

“Both of you, please just come off, we can figure things out with you down here.” The police officer calls out again.

Within an instant, Axle reacts harshly to him.

“Shut the hell up, I’m working on it,” She snaps at him, glaring angrily.

“Axle,” I stand up shakily, still on the opposite side of the ledge, the water below me, waiting to take me in if I fall.  “Come on.” I reach out with my hand, but she doesn’t take it.

“How can someone love me?” She whispers, yanking at her jumper. “I’m a horrible person.”

My eyes flicker around, confused, “Axle, you’re amazing, how can someone not love you?”

“Fine,” She stands up. “But go first, I came here for you.”

I crawl over, the police taking my hand, making sure I don’t fall.

“Bye,” I hear someone whisper, before screams erupt, and I hear the water envelope someone.

I turn around quickly, screaming in pain, as I no longer see Axle standing.

Or see her at all.

I force myself away from the officer, and lean over the edge, the police officer grabbing my waist though. But I see in time, a body lying against the water, the face staring up at the sky, but unmoving and pale. 

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