The Journey Of Love *Harry Styles Love*

Axle Winters has never been willing to love someone.
Never willing to trust someone with her heart.
But when she runs into a boy with sharp green eyes and curly brown hair, she forgets it all, and falls into the dream of Love.


13. The Ledge


“Harry, get your ass out of bed, now!” I snap, walking up the ladder to the attic, staring at naked Styles in bed. “Holy hell, wear some clothes!”

He lifts himself up, thankfully the covers covering his lower half, and all I could see was his torso. His green eyes sparkle at the sight of my distress.

“Can’t handle the sexy sight?” Harry winks at me.

I glare at him, tossing a shirt and pants over to him, “No, now come on, we have to go out and buy you some clothes.”

Harry shrugs his broad shoulders, “Why?”

“You’re going to boot camp, can’t look crappy, can we now?” I say, walking back down the ladder.

“But you just admitted I was sexy!” Harry whines.

“I never said anything! And it’s not my opinion that’ll matter, it’s the judges.” I yell back at him, walking into the bathroom, and throwing new clothes onto myself.

Suddenly a bag drops down next to me, one of the straps slapping my arm, leaving a faint red mark behind. I stare up at the human being who climbs down next to it, giving me an apologetic look, winking.

I toss the bag across the room.

“Axle!” Harry complains.

“Harry,” I mock.

He sticks his tongue out at me, before walking to the other side of the room and picking the bag up.

“Axle,” A new voice speaks up.

I turn around, looking at Haydn with curious eyes, “Yeah?”

“We need to talk, right now.” Haydn said coldly, a sharp note of seriousness mixing into his tone.

I don’t bother to exchange glances with Harry, and follow Haydn out instead, closing the bedroom door behind us. Once out in the hallway, I cross my arms over my chest, waiting for Haydn to speak.

“What the hell did you do to Will?” Haydn asks his voice quiet and full of concern for his mate.

“Nothing,” I flick my eyes to the ground.

“Liar, Will is so messed up right now! He drinks and last night, he nearly tried to commit suicide. Now, I would be worried but I am hardly, since this is the normal behavior he shows when he is in love with someone, and that can only be you, since you are the only he’s come into contact with for months.” Haydn snaps at me, pacing the floor.

“Well, get your damn facts straight, it’s not me. Will and I just met, we are not in love. At least I’m not in love with him, I cannot speak for his own heart, so it’s not my fault at all if he is in love with me and is behaving this way.” I fire back.

“Don’t fucking lie to me, you know him, Axle,” Haydn whispers angrily and I flinch at the harshness of his tone.

I roll my eyes, “Back in primary school, when he was bullying the shit out of me. But we never came into contact once I left, so I don’t know what the hell is wrong with him now.”

“Then listen to this,” Haydn removes his cell from his pants pocket, handing it to me.

I click on the voicemail…that Will has left his mate.

Will’s voice comes on and my heart constricts as I hear the pain flowing out of his voice, even though is surely drunk.

“Haydn, mate, I’m such a mess. I know I’ve missed band practice but Harry is leaving so what the hell…there will be no better singer in our band than him, you know that. But this isn’t the reason I’m calling. I’m calling, because right now, I’m on a ledge debating whether or not the water is more comforting than breathing. If you couldn’t tell mate, I’m stupidly in love with a girl who would rather see me burn to death, than ever return the feelings. I was cruel and horrible to her, but now…I see her beauty and I’m fucking losing it. I can’t have her, so why the hell is God letting my heart go for someone whom will never love me. Sorry, I shouldn’t have called, I must go.” And then the dial tone hit and I dropped the phone from my hand.

Then, my phone rang

ID Caller: Unknown

“Hello?” I answer.

“Don’t hang up, please…” Will’s voice comes on, slurring his words. He was drunk. “Axle, I’m fucking sorry. Dammit, I should have never hurt you…Those wounds I gave you, I would take back if it meant I had to die.”

“Will,” I cut him off. “Where the hell are you?”

“Axle, I’m in love with you. My heart is fucked up but it knows for sure it wants you. I want you; I want you to forgive me.” He ignores my question.

“No, Will, you’re not in love with me. Now, where are you? Haydn and Harry will come and pick you up.” I say back to him.

“I’m on the ledge, the ledge I was on before, and the water looks friendly.” Will’s voice fades slightly away from the cell.

The ledge…he wouldn’t survive the fall. He wanted to die.

“Will, don’t move, they’ll be there.”


The phone goes silent, the other side dead.

“Shit,” I curse, handing Haydn back his cell. “He’s at the ledge and he only wants to see me.”

“I’ll take you,” Harry’s voice scares me and I look back at him. “He needs his savior.”

I nod, trying to look apologetic but Harry ignores it, his face and eyes expressionless.

But I forget all about it as we run out to the car, Harry hopping into the passenger seat, seeing as Haydn has already taken the driver seat. I get in the back, a hoodie covering my hair, and my trembling hands.

Isn’t Harry supposed to be getting ready for boot camp?

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