The Journey Of Love *Harry Styles Love*

Axle Winters has never been willing to love someone.
Never willing to trust someone with her heart.
But when she runs into a boy with sharp green eyes and curly brown hair, she forgets it all, and falls into the dream of Love.


12. Messed Up Friendship


When Harry and I were both 12, still friends at the time, even though I was leaving soon, we both received the same Christmas present that year. It wasn’t something we could hold or taste but it was something we both could see and share. And it was outside, in the backyard of the Styles household.

That’s where I am right now, in that same tree house. Though, it seems Harry hasn’t been up here since I left. Cobwebs built up in corners, dust collecting on the toys we shared, and the tree was already growing back through it.

It is dark outside, and I’m curled up in a tight little ball. I’m not crying or shivering, even though its fall in Cheshire. They aren’t home yet, probably celebrating Harold’s achievement, trying to get his mind off of what he had done.

But then, I hear a vehicle pulling up, and I force myself to get up. I crawl over to the window, facing the house, and see their car turn into the driveway of the house. I duck down a little when lights light up the house, but continue to watch.

Suddenly, the back door opens, and two figures rush out into the dark night. One is pacing all over the backyard, while the other is standing still, arms crossed over their torso.

“Harry, calm down,” Haydn’s voice says calmly.

“How?” Harry snaps, running his through his hair, which was glowing because of the moonlight. “I just screwed things up with one of my best mates.”

“She’ll forgive, yeah?”

“I dunno,” Harry shrugs his shoulders. “Axle…is quite, complicated. And since she’s been back, she is not the same Axle I remember.”

“Harry, it’s been some years since you’ve seen her; I doubt she would’ve stayed the same.” Haydn comments.

“I know, but I thought there would still be some familiarity in her, but there’s none.” Harry murmurs.

“Ok, to get to the obvious question, why’d you kiss her?” Hadyn walks over to Harry.

“I…I’ve missed her…she never knew this but I was in love with her, when I was younger. Maybe, I was still acting like 12 year old Harry…it was a mistake, but now she’s gone.” Harry sighs, lying down on the grass.

“Sorry, mate.” Hadyn whispers, before walking back inside.

Harry just lies there, staring up at the sky, still wearing his audition outfit.

I have the urge to crawl down and tell him, he was forgiven, and that it was indeed a mistake…but I just couldn’t.

Instead, I crawl back into a ball, and fall fast asleep.


I peek over the window of the tree house, shocked to see Harry asleep on the grass. No one had come out to pick him up and bring him back in. and then he moved, opening his eyes, before whimpering and closing them again.

I couldn’t do this anymore.

I crawl over to the ladder and climb down, quietly as possible.

When I look around the tree trunk, Harry’s eyes are still closed, but he is flinching here and there. I get down on my knees, and crawl over to him. The grass stains my jeans, my pants tearing a little against the ground, my hair clamping around my hair. I pause, sitting back, and pulling my hair into a quick braid.

Then, I continue to crawl over to him.

Just as I reach out with my hand, to wake him up, a hand tightens around my wrist. I let out a sharp gasp as I’m rolled over, and pinned to the ground, my wrists next to my head.

Harry glares down at me, those green eyes full of hurt and anger.

“Hey,” I whisper, swallowing nervously.

Harry’s eyes flicker away, “You didn’t have to run away.”

I sniffle, “I was shocked, sorry, but one my friends just kissed me, how was I supposed to react?”

“Not like that.” Harry hisses, still pinning me to the ground.

I roll my eyes, “Better inform me better, next time.”

Something wet hits my cheek and I look back at Styles. The green orbs are watery, but Harry quickly reacts, standing up and rushing towards the house. Without thought, I push myself off the ground and yell at him.

“Stop, Harry!”

He pauses.

“I’m sorry!” I quickly start spitting out things out of my head. “It’s just that, out of all the books I’ve read, my reaction to the kiss was anything but unusual.”

Styles turns around slowly, his face emotionless.

And then he speaks, “Stop using facts and whatnot, to prove how you felt. You hated it, you hate me, and I now understand why.

My nose crinkles, “Harry, I don’t hate you, and I didn’t hate it. It’s just that, it was very unexpected…and I’m falling for someone else.”

Anger dissipates from his figure. “You’re falling for someone?”

I glare at him, “Why? Is that shocking?”

He chuckles, “Yeah, you’re always so bloody cold to people.”


Harry nods, his eyes twinkling. “Who is it?”

I shake my head, “None of your damn business, Styles.”

He shrugs, “Well I have to go pack.”

I cock my head to the side, “Why?”

“Boot camp time, cause I got through and all.” Harry gestures to himself.

I grimace slightly, “Yeah, you probably should.”

Harry notices my change in emotion, and walks over to me. He throws his arms around me, pulling me close to him, and I wrap my arms around his neck.

“We will always be friends, no matter what, you know that, Axle.” Harry whispers into my ear.

“I know,” I whisper back. “Good luck in boot camp, I’ll be rooting for you.”

He jerks back, smiling, “So you’re not gonna leave?!”

I smile forcefully, “Nah, I’ll stay.”

Harry cheers before opening the back door, but pauses to look once back at me, “We have the most messed up friendship, yeah?”

“Yeah,” I agree and then he walks in, closing the door behind him.

I sit down and hug myself, the cold London air swooping in, and think about things.

Harry was leaving; he was going to live out his dreams. What did God have in store for him?

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