The Journey Of Love *Harry Styles Love*

Axle Winters has never been willing to love someone.
Never willing to trust someone with her heart.
But when she runs into a boy with sharp green eyes and curly brown hair, she forgets it all, and falls into the dream of Love.


11. Isn't She Lovely


I cracked my knuckles, keeping outside of the family circle, listening them whisper prayers for Harry’s audition. I look around the big space, right outside of the stage. I watch as multiple people run around, trying to keep the show looking great, but all in all it just looked frieken crazy.

“Axle?” Styles voice whispers into my ear.

I flinch and I glance at him, “Yeah?”

“Am I doing the right thing?” He asks nervously, tugging at the scarf loosely hung around his neck.

I shake my head, “No, this could forever change your future, Styles.”

He bites his lip, “I hope for the better.”

I flick him on the shoulder, “Here comes the host, go kill it, Styles.”

Harry grins and then gives me a quick hug, before letting go, and heading over to Dermot. I watch closely as Dermot casually flings an arm around Styles and then, some kissing happens between Harry and his mum, somehow involving Dermot.

And then a shaky Harry heads up the stairs, to the stage. But he pauses abruptly, and turns sideways, glancing at someone. I give him thumbs up, telling him with my facial expression, to get his arse onto the stage.

Finally, he disappears through the long black curtains, and I direct my attention to the screens that they had backstage so the contestant’s guests could watch them. I watched as 16 year old Harry comes before three judges that could forever change his future.

The crowd cheers, girls smiling at the cute boy before them, in their opinion.

Harry centers himself in the middle of the stage, on top of the X, holding the mic tightly.

“How are you?” The “mean” judge, Simon Cowell asks him.

“Hello,” Harry responds.

“Nice to meet you, what’s your name?” Simon continues.

“I’m Harry Styles.”

Cue the cheering girls. Ew.

“Ok, Harry, uh, how old are you?”

“I’m sixteen.”

“Sixteen,” Simon repeats. “Ok, so tell me a bit about you.”

“Um,” Harry thinks quickly. “I work in a bakery.”

“And Harry,” Simon quickly speaks after. “You left school, gone to work there, yeah?”

“I work there on Saturdays,” Harry corrects him. “But I finished my tests just now, so I’m going back to college in September.”

“And what are you going to study at college?” Simon asks, leaning back in his judge chair.

“Um, Law,” Harry numbers off with his fingers. “Sociology, uh, Business, and something else but I’m not sure yet.”

“Wow,” Simon comments, shocked a little. “So, what are you doing here, today?”

“Um,” Harry thinks. “Well, I’ve always wanted to audition, but I’ve always been too young.”

“Ok,” Simon responds. “Alright, what are you going to sing?”

“I’ll do, Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder.” Harry answers.

“Ok, good luck,” Simon says after.

And then Harry opens his mouth.

Isn’t she lovely,
isn’t she wonderful,
isn’t she precious,
Less than one minute old.
And I never thought,
through love we’d be,
making one as lovely as she.
But isn’t she lovely, made from love.

Harry ends and the crowd reacts positively, and with manners like him, he bows too. And then Simon asks for Nicole’s thoughts. I barely listened but from the smile on Harry’s face, I could tell she said something positive.

But then it switched over to Louis Walsh, who then said Styles was too young and inexperienced and not confident enough. But after that comment, Simon stuck up for Harry, booing at him.

Finally, it was coming to the results. Harry needed at least two yes’s to get through.

Louis Walsh: No, cue the loud booing from the crowd.
Nicole Scherzinger: Yes, cue the cheering from the crowd.

Simon Cowell? --------> Yes, CUE THE FUCKING SCREAMS.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Anne kiss Dermot on the cheek, friendly. And then I focus back on the screen, watching Harry walk off the stage happily. He walks through the curtains and down the stairs.

He first walks over to his family, hugging his mum first, high-fiving his mates. And then he turns to me, and without thought, leans in and kisses me right on the lips.

I’m in shock, my body freezes.

But then soon enough, I react.

I push him off and without one look back, I take off through the busy backstage, not sure where I was heading.

Harry Styles, one of my best old friends, just…kissed me.

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