Days Of Our Lives

Time has gone by and they have all grown older. Now at ages 16 to 18, the kids are all the best of friends. Sequel to Gotta Be You, this is the story of their children. Little Direction.


4. Yasmin Elizabeth and Jadin David Malik

We are the twins Yasmin and Jadin and yes we are fraternal. It would be weird being identical twins when one is a boy and the other is a girl.


We are the eldest of the Direction kids.  Both 18. And living it up!

Offspring of Zayn and Perrie Malik. Yeah they got married and live Happily together, with the rest of our 'extended' family.

Jadin is always hanging with the boys, acting all tough and macho, when really he is just a softie. 

Hay! Don't go telling people that, not EVERYONE needs to know! 

It's not like everyone didn't already.

Oh stow it 'little miss perfect', or I will have to tell mum and dad about your little late night escapades.

You wouldn't!

I would, just watch me. 

Fine, I guess if you tell them that, I will have to tell them your dirty little secret. 

You wouldn't dare! You promised you wouldn't tell a soul, Yaz please I promise I won't tell

mum. Just don't tell anyone about that.

Fine, a deal's a deal. Oh I almost forgot we gotta go.

Crap, I forgot too, well...

See ya round! Xx

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