Days Of Our Lives

Time has gone by and they have all grown older. Now at ages 16 to 18, the kids are all the best of friends. Sequel to Gotta Be You, this is the story of their children. Little Direction.


3. Sophie Marie Horan

Sophie here! 

I am 16 a young one in the lot, n' I have amazin' parents!

I am a daddy's girl, n' I always will be. Just because I live with a lot of people, most would assume I would be driven mad.
Quite the opposite really, I am happily content with my family extended or not.

We kids get on quite well, with a few miner exceptions. Siblings. Need I say more.

D and Alex are the lucky ones, only children, but none the less they still have the rest of us.

If I were to call any of them family more than anythin' it would have to D and her das. D looks so much like her da, you wouldn't believe she's not his. I'm talkin' 'bout Uncle Harry, Sure she's got cheek bones like Uncle Jake, but she looks like the spittin' image of Harry.

I guess you could say, she's like a sister to me, more than the others.

See ya real soon!

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