Days Of Our Lives

Time has gone by and they have all grown older. Now at ages 16 to 18, the kids are all the best of friends. Sequel to Gotta Be You, this is the story of their children. Little Direction.


6. Lily Jane and Nina Destiny Payne

I'm Lilly, friends and family call me Lily J.

And I'm Nina, just Nina, but mum calls me by my middle name.

We are the 17 year old twins of Liam and Danielle Payne. To everyone who supported Payzer, we thank you.
We wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you!

We love out house and everyone in it, and we show it by putting out love in our very own

I was going to say that.

Well you should have spoken up.

Well you shouldn't be so rude!

Well you shouldn't be so much of a push over!

How could you be so mean? 

Oh Lily please don't cry, I didn't mean it. You  know I love you.

I love you too, but that really did hurt.

I'm sorry, it wont happen again. Promise. 

We really should get going. Bye!

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