Days Of Our Lives

Time has gone by and they have all grown older. Now at ages 16 to 18, the kids are all the best of friends. Sequel to Gotta Be You, this is the story of their children. Little Direction.


1. Darcy Cecilia Styles

Hey, the name's Darcy. Friends call me D or Lia.

I am 17 years old and actually having fun with my life.

I am the daughter to the most famous gay couple in the world, Harry and Jacob Styles.

Sure not having a mom was a drag, but I got on well. I have gotten to meet her a lot though, and she loves me and I love her.

My life is a bit hectic but, what are you going to do being a celebrity's child. 

My friends are Yasmin and Jadin Malik, Lily and Nina Payne, Alexander Tomlinson, Sophie Horan, and how could I forget my best friend Xavier Horan.
We grew up together so how could we not get on well. 

My dads are the greatest, and I couldn't have asked for two more loving parents than them. 

See you soon loves xx

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