Days Of Our Lives

Time has gone by and they have all grown older. Now at ages 16 to 18, the kids are all the best of friends. Sequel to Gotta Be You, this is the story of their children. Little Direction.


9. Chapter 3: Sophie Knows

~*Sophie's POV*~

"Hey Sophie." Alex flew past with a huge grin on his face. I can't believe I have to put up with that, at home as well as at school. He's probably got a date for the dance this weekend. Sometimes I swear he's worse than a girl. Whatever, I don't have time for that, I need to find myself a date for that dance. Maybe Josh will go with me. I was taken from my thoughts by another person yellin' my name.

"Sophie!" Great my brother. Ugh, why can't I get a break today? "Sophie, do you know what's goin' on with Al? He seems overly happy, it's kinda strange." No shit Sherlock.

"I have no clue. I'll ask, now leave me alone. Please?" I really do not care if it sounded mean or not, my brother is a  pain in my arse.

"Fine Miss Bitch." He snapped. "Thanks, D n' I are a little worried, 'bout 'im. See ya!" He just takes off, see what I mean? Whatever, I'm goin' to be late for class. Yes! That means I can ask both Alex and Josh. God I love it when things work out like this!


Alex usually sits right next to me, but today he decided to ditch me for the window seat. Really? Who does he think he is? I am going to have to slap some sense into him later.

"Today class we will be doing a group project. You will be in groups of no more than three. Once you have your groups, then I will give you your papers. Now get to it." Mr. Borrows said, and instantly I thought Josh and Alex. Perfect.

"Josh do you wanna be in my group? I was thinking we could work with Alex too." I said shyly. Okay, I should be a bit more confident. I mean I am the daughter the beautiful Lakota, and handsom Niall Horan. If anything I should be full of myself, I mean I am famous, and I didn't have to try.

"I'd rather not, no offense Sophie, but I would rather not work with that queer." He said it like it was obvious or something.

"Go fuck yourself Josh. I use to think you were cool, but if you want to treat my family like that, you can blow it out your arse. Looks like I won't be asking you to the dance after all." Nobody calls my family queer. Sure he's not really family, but he is to me.

"Alex, we are working in a pair." I say taking the seat next to him.

"Thought we were suppose to have three? But whatever floats your boat." He smile happily. Okay now I see why D and Xav are worried about him, this is kinda creepy.

"Before we start, can I ack you why you're so happy? It just seems too happy for you. No offense, but it's kind of creepin' me out." It had to be said.

"Um... actually I would prefer if you didn't ask." He blushed. Wait a minute, he only blushes when he is with someone, sure he never tells anyone who it is, but it's happend a lot. This time I will find out who.

"So who is she?" his head shoots up at my question and his face gets redder. I knew it!

"What are you talking about?" He looked out the window nervously, but relaxed. The gym class was out there. I wonder if she's out there? Wait, only the lads are outside. Does that mean? Oh my god!

"You're gay?" I whisper in shock. His face turns quickly and blushes even deeper than before. I swear his head is going to explode.

His face drops before he takes a deep breath and answers. "Yes... but please don't tell the others. I don't know how they will react." He didn't bring his head up. Wow, does he really believe that bull? He knows his uncles are gay right? I mean that is why they had to adopt D. Boy are so stupid.

"Why didn't you tell me? And do you seriously believe that? I mean look at Harry and Jake, neither one of them is capable of giving birth, hence the reason they had to adopt D. Anyway, who is he then?" I really want to know who he is with, I bet they are the cutest couple ever.

"No! You can't know! Jake found out by mistake, no one else will find out, I promised J-" He slapped a hand over his mouth. Well I know what his name starts with. Narrowin' it down!

"Oh, lets see how many I can name off shall we?" He shook his head in protest but I started naming them off anyway. "Jase, James... I have a better idea, how about I name off the ones that are out on the field." I look out the window to the group of boys playing football. Most of witch are older, but none of them have a name that starts with J. Alex blocks my view right as the goalie that had his back to us was turning around. "Hey, that goalie is the only one I don't know, everyone else doesn't have a J name out there."

"That's the point." He sassed. Damn he is his father's son. Cunt. Oops, sorry that was anything but lady-like. Da doesn't want me to have a filthy mouth like mum. 

"Move." I say pushing him out of the way. For a guy he really isn't much, I mean I can move him with one hand. My mouth drops, as I see the goalie. Oh. My. God. It's Jadin!

"You can't tell a soul! He would kill me! Please, please, please?" He was begging me, but I was still in shock. Thats when Jadin saw me looking. He waved, and without thinking I waved back. Alex turned to see who I was waving at and the moment they say each other they both turned red.

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