My Job To Love

22 year old, Connor Rhodes, NEEDS a girlfriend to marry quick! And why you ask? Well, Connor's parents think that the earlier, the better! Of course Connor tried to resist but his parents are just too stubborn, especially for being those ignorant top business workers in town.

The thing is, Connor has no girlfriend, and the Dad is offering his co-worker's daughter. Connor says no, I mean, who wants that?!

Connor then meets Vanessa Kailey, a girl who spends 85% thinking about pancakes and the other 15% on waffles.

Will Vanessa be the one? If she is, does he have enough charm to make her fall in love within 3 months? Find out by reading "It's My Job To Love"!

[I am horrible at making the description so please give this book a chance. Much Love. (:]


2. Prologue.

My Job To Love

Connor's POV

"So, how is college?", asked Dad, who is currently cutting his 'top-of-the-state' steak, wearing his fancy business suit and Rolex watch that might have cost 3/4 of a million.

If you haven't caught by now, we're one of those rich families with ignorant parents. Sometimes, I wish I was poor with caring parents instead. Sigh.

"Pretty good actually. Professor Smith said that I am in the lead of the business management class." I responded, hoping this will be the end of the conversation.

Putting down his knife and fork, he said words that kind of made my heart pound, "Son, we need to talk to you.", he said while taking a quick glance at Mom.

I roll my eyes, trying to hide some sort of fear. I knew what was going to happen, it's like a tradition or something. My elder brother and sister did this too at my current age. "Marriage?"

Mom was looking at me uneasily while Dad was just boring into my eyes.

I scoffed, "No way am I getting married at this age. I'm only 22!" 

"You have no choice." Dad remarked.

It's true, though. For being one of the best lawyers in town, he can disown me any second without the court having to question him.

I close my eyes, "Give me time."

"You have three months to pick the girl who you may truly love or we will have to pick one for you." Dad replied in a monotone voice.


I'm going in some deep sh-t.


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