My Job To Love

22 year old, Connor Rhodes, NEEDS a girlfriend to marry quick! And why you ask? Well, Connor's parents think that the earlier, the better! Of course Connor tried to resist but his parents are just too stubborn, especially for being those ignorant top business workers in town.

The thing is, Connor has no girlfriend, and the Dad is offering his co-worker's daughter. Connor says no, I mean, who wants that?!

Connor then meets Vanessa Kailey, a girl who spends 85% thinking about pancakes and the other 15% on waffles.

Will Vanessa be the one? If she is, does he have enough charm to make her fall in love within 3 months? Find out by reading "It's My Job To Love"!

[I am horrible at making the description so please give this book a chance. Much Love. (:]


3. Chapter One : The Diner


My Job To Love  

Chapter One : The Diner

Vanessa's POV

I stare at their table in anger as the girl giggle. How does the guy do that?! Just so you know, the guy brings a different girl almost everyday at this diner. It's just really sickening.

He raises up his hand, that's my queue. I walk over, trying to hide the disgust that was plastered on my face ever sice they arrived.

"Hi, I'm Vanessa. I'm going to be serving you today. How may I help you?", I asked politely.

He looked up, giving me a clearer picture of him. He had brown hair that rested to the left side of his face. He kind of looks like that actor, who was that again? Charlie Rowe! But of course older! Despise the fact that Charlie Rowe is only 15.


An evil plan just came up in my head. Mr.Player, it's time to stop your ways.

"Should I bring the usual?" I asked, trying to act normal. He coughed.

His 'date' eyebrows shot up, "I thought you've never been here, honey." She said in confusion.

He coughed once more before replying, "I don't have a usual here. I'm pretty sure you have mistaken me with another person."

"Oh, no no! It's really you! It was last Monday when you started ordering the same dish with the blonde haired girl! Or was it on Thursday with the skinny blonde haired girl? Maybe it was Saturday with the Australian girl! Oh wait! I forgot Sunday!" I exclaim.

The girl who he's with shrieked and shot up from her seat, "HOW DARE YOU?! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU CONNOR, JERK!" She said before I heard a stinging sound. Yep, she sooo slapped him. A bonus from my evil plan to corrupt him, huh?

Before Connor can even react, she turned around and stormed out ofthe diner. Her heels hitting the ground creating a loud -clinkclank- sound every step she takes. I swear it sounds like bombs exploding.

I turned back to look at Connor who was literally at angry mode. He grabbed my wrist and shoved me outside.

"What on earth are you doing! Get off!" I exclaim, trying to release myself from his grip. Urgh!

He pushed me to an alley like I was some regular piece of trash.

"What the hell is your problem?! You don't go around ruining other people's dates!" He yelled.

I scowled at him, "Something had to be done. You bring different girls everytime!" I hiss at him.

"It's not your f-cking business!"

I raise my left hand up, "On behalf of all woman, I announce you as a total butthole."

He growled at my stupid comeback, "You don't know anything about me so shut up before I actually hurt your pretty little face."

"Oh! I'm so flattered! A butthole just called my face pretty!" I mock Connor.

"Just never show your face to me." He hissed.

Like every normal person would do, I stick out my tongue before walking back to the diner.


Author's Note

Hey Movellas-Ers! C: 

I know, I know, it's a really lame and short chapter. Plus, a really late update. 

I'm sorry! I have my first term finals going on right now and it's been stressful! We're not gonna finish our finals til next week. 

I swear I'll try to get a chapter finished on Monday!



Me. (:

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