Love Drunk

Skye was an ordinary girl until she met Jake. He changed her life in more ways than imaginable


3. I'm just trying to help

"Mum I'm home."

"Hi sweetie, have a good day?"

"Not really."

"Claustrophobia again?"

"You said it."

"Honey, Claire rang me today."

"Really, why?"

"She said that you were really struggling with the claustrophobia at school and elsewhere and that some guy called James was really bothering you."

"Yep, the pretty much says it all, thanks a lot Claire."

Mum looked at me with sad eyes and asked me to sit whilst she made hot chocolate. When it was finished she joined me on the couch and handed me my mug.

"Honey, I'm glad she said something, I need to know when something or somebody is bothering you. Especially if it is really getting you down, which this obviously is. Very much."

I sat there saying nothing.

"Look at me." I looked at her, "I have rung around and have found a psychiatrist that I think will really help you with this whole thing." I looked away.

"Mum, I appreciate your concern but that makes it sound like I have a really bad problem and if anyone finds out I'm stuffed."

"I understand you concerns but seriously, I'm really worried about you. Just give it a try for your Father and I okay?"

"Fine I will but only if Claire goes with me."

"I suppose."

"Thanks Mum, I do see that you are trying to help me, I really do." and with that said I got up, gave her a hug and headed into the kitchen to make dinner.

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