Love Drunk

Skye was an ordinary girl until she met Jake. He changed her life in more ways than imaginable


4. First Appointment

I got through the next day of school without having a panic attack, but only just. My mind was elsewhere, like my first psychiatrist appointment later this evening.  

"You ready Skye?"

"Ready as I'll ever be Claire."

"C'mon, the sooner we get there, the sooner it will be over with and the sooner I buy you an ice-cream!"

I laughed at this, for one because it was about to rain and two because she sounded like my Mum when we take my Dad to the shops. I smiled at her as we made our way towards the address Mum had written down for me.

We walked in a comfortable silence and I observed my surroundings. It had just started to rain and we had gotten out umbrellas. My socks started to get wet and the road shined with the water on it. The snails started to come out and I watched as the blue sky filled with clouds. This was my favourite kind of weather, warm, yet raining. I let out a giggle as I put my umbrella down and let the rain drench me. Claire look at me like I was mad and after many failed attempts to shield me with her umbrella, she gave up; put her umbrella down and joined me. We laughed together and danced our way towards the Psychiatrist.

We arrived and I pulled a towel ot of my bag, cause I knew I would get wet if it rained. I dried it off before handing it to Claire, so she could do the same. We dried off and headed into an average looking building, hand in hand. It looked just like a normal house and for a second I thought we had the wrong address but then I saw the reception desk and we made our way over to it.

We got there and the girl, who was suprising young, looked at us expectantly and I froze up. Claire looked over at me before saying,

"Hi, this is my friend Skye and she is here to see Stella for the first time and she is a little nervous."

The girl smiled and I felt slightly less scared.

"Welcome, I can understand your nerouvness, I was nervous before my first appointment here but you'll be fine, Stella is lovely and you will be feeling better in no time. I'll just get you to fill out these forms, then take a seat and Stella will be ready for you in no time." she said warmly and I instantly relaxed, a little.

We sat down and started on the forms. They were quite basic really, name, address, age, phone number, that kind of stuff. I quickly finished them and handed them back to the receptionist who said her name was Star.

Two minutes later a twenty year old, brown haired, funky looking lady appeared from within a door and called me in. Claire stood up and she sensed my fear and pulled me up and I cautiously followed her and then Stella into a room.

I got a shock when we got in and I blurted out "Where's the desk? And chair? And computer?" Stella laughed and replied;

"Well, I find desks, chairs and computers a little boring so I redecorated! What do you think?"


The walls were a lilac shade;the carpet was fuzzy and bright pink; there were colourful bean bags everywhere; pillows strewn around everywhere; lava lamps and a miny fridge covered in the coolest magnets ever. I was in love.

Stella laughed at my expression and told Claire and I to take a seat anywhere we liked. I chose a purple bean bag and Claire chose an apple green pillow. Stella grabbed some soft drink and joined us on a pink pillow. The session went really quickly and Claire and I got a new friend. Stella gave me some techniques to help with my panic attacks and overall it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

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