Love Drunk

Skye was an ordinary girl until she met Jake. He changed her life in more ways than imaginable


6. Blood Red

We got back to my house and I can say that Mum got quite a shock to see us walk in with a boy wrapped in my rainbow towel and with my white (now blood red) jacket wrapped around his head.

"What the...?"

"Don't worry Mum we have a very reasonable explanation."

"You'd better Skye."

Jake just smiled weakly and Claire looked away nervously. I explained to Mum what had happened, leaving out the part about the 'ocean'. When she asked me why we hadn't called the police, Claire gave me a look and I just said that I thought that he was going to be okay. Mum looked at me like I was crazy and went to ring around to try and find his parents.

"What's your last name and age, Jake?"

"I am fifteen and I don't know my last name." I turned around and faced him with a look of shock on my face. Not because he didn't know his last name (although that was a shock) but out of a fifteen year old boy's mouth was a voice that sounded like, like, like pure gold. Seriously, it was like rainbow after a storm - for your ears. He had the voice of an angel. I couldn't believe it and neither could Claire from the look on her face and if Mum was shocked, she didn't show it. Jake grinned at us sheepishly, he obviously knew the effect his voice had on women.

"I'm going to get you a blanket Jake, actually I'm going to get three. You girls look cold as well."

"No thanks Taylor, I'm going to head home." Claire replied to my Mum.

"Just get one, Skye and I can share a blanket." Jake said and winked at me and I blushed. I knew Mum wouldn't say yes but she must have been distracted by her phone call because she only came back with one blanket. Jake put it over him and patted the seat next to him and I reluctantly sat down next to him. I grabbed the controller and turned the t.v. on. We watched boring t.v. until I fell asleep on Jake's shoulder.

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